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Granby News Update

October 2023

Autumn arrives and brings with it a packed bumper edition of Granby News.

October is here and there is definitely Autumn in the air. We're very pleased to bring you this bumper news update, especially as we have heaps to cover off in this edition. From being knee deep in mud to mixing with celebs at Packaging Week, and from celebrating Warehouse success to celebrating Women in Leadership positions, the Granby team have certainly got out and about in the past month. There should be something for everyone here. And this month our hero image features a view of the pretty cottages not far from us in the centre of Downham, Lancashire. And remember, whilst the temperature may drop, we all get that extra hour in bed on 29th October when British Summer Time ends. Enjoy the read!

Granby Team

Team Granby tackle Tough Mudder

The Granby Team had a great time last month at Tough Mudder North West. The conditions were challenging but exciting! With very warm temperatures, sticky mud, and lots of rain, it was quite an adventure for the 15 strong team who completed the entire 10k course as a unit. Overall, it sounds like they had an unforgettable experience. From the warm and sticky conditions to the wet and muddy obstacles, they all embraced the challenge and came out victorious.

One member of our team, Humayra Ali said “Hands down – and I know everyone will agree – the best part of the whole thing was the teamwork and crossing the finish line together – looking back it’s what made the whole thing so enjoyable and fun. No one was left behind!”  


Victoria and Adam at the Community Procurement Conference

It is going to be all change when the 2023 Procurement Bill is enacted. That was the key message for Victoria Pittman and Adam Doyle from last month’s In-Tend Community Procurement Conference, held at Wentworth Woodhouse, a grand stately home located in the beautiful South Yorkshire countryside.

The conference catered to both the “buyer” and “supplier” sides of the procurement process and provided a platform for the procurement community to come together to share knowledge and best practices. The conference offered seminars on the latest updates to regulations and developments in the world of e-procurement. Staying up-to-date with these changes is crucial for buyers to navigate the procurement landscape effectively.


Women in Leadership Roles celebrate at EVAs in Blackpool

At the end of the month, three amazing women from Granby’s leadership team, Jo Kimber, Caroline Noblett, and Victoria Pittman joined hundreds of other businesswomen from across the North West in Blackpool to celebrate women in leadership roles. Jo was even nominated for the Businesswoman of the  Year Award, a tremendous achievement for her and one that recognises the tireless and inspirational role she has played in building our business. We at Granby think it’s fantastic to see all these women being recognised for their outstanding work. The Enterprise Vision Awards (EVAs) celebrate the successes and achievements of outstanding female entrepreneurs.

Caroline said “It’s been a great night. We are all very proud of Jo and it’s been truly wonderful to witness the impact and achievements of these inspiring women.”


London Packaging Week at London ExCel

Last Friday, our very own Kelsey Hall had the privilege of attending this great event at London ExCel.  Industry professionals from all over gathered to discuss the future challenges in the packaging sector and as a business committed to staying ahead of the curve in all things packaging, this event was highly relevant for us, and our clients. let’s not forget that this sector has its fair share of celebs as well. Our photo shows Kelsey catching up with the ever enthusiastic Jamie Laing of Candy Kittens.

Kelsey said of the event “I particularly enjoyed the talk given by Cassandra Stavrou founder of Proper Snacks, she spoke of creating deeper bonds and empathy across all departments, bridging gaps to help the organisation become strong.”


Granby join Lancashire Skills Pledge

What is Lancashire Sklls Pledge? The main goal of the Lancashire Skills Pledge is to address the skills gap in the region and ensure individuals have the necessary skills and qualifications to meet the demands of the local job market. It focuses on concerns aligned with our values, providing training and development opportunities for both young people and adults. Through the Lancashire Skills Pledge, employers are encouraged to commit to investing in the skills of their workforce by offering apprenticeships, work placements, and training programs. This not only benefits the individuals by enhancing their employability but also helps businesses to develop a skilled and productive workforce.

Caroline Noblett says “As part of our commitment, we have already signed up for two pledges: work experience and industry placements and taking on apprentices. But we’re not stopping there! We are actively working towards two more pledges: becoming an apprenticeship ambassador and recruiting Lancashire people.”

Granby Team

Stepping Stones : The Journey continues

Our tailored Stepping Stones training programme is designed to identify and cultivate the potential of our Rising Stars – future leaders in our business. With a focus on personal and professional growth, this program delves into various aspects of leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence. Our four Rising Stars wholeheartedly embrace the process. This most recent session covered a range of essential topics, including the art of handling difficult conversations, effective leadership strategies, decoding body language cues, and establishing rapport through mirroring and matching. Niamh, in particular, found the focus body language fascinating, “It sheds light on how one’s nonverbal cues can reveal true emotions during a conversation. It will be interesting to see how altering my own body language can positively influence others, creating a more harmonious and productive dialogue. We shall see!”


Granby join Inspire 25

Granby is proud to be a member of the Speed of Sight Inspire 25 Club.  Granby first became aware of the incredible Speed of Sight charity after meeting with Mike Newman, John Galloway, and their amazing team.

The Inspire 25 Club from Speed of Sight allows businesses, large and small, to support and make a difference in the lives of individuals facing life-limiting disabilities. Specifically, this passes on the gift to drive, enabling those who would otherwise be unable to experience driving to do just that, to take part in an amazing, uplifting, and inspiring driving experience.

Granby Team

Reece Healy completes warehouse apprenticeship

We are thrilled to announce that Reece Healy has successfully completed his apprenticeship with North Lancs Training Group. Reece has demonstrated real commitment and achieved excellent scores in the knowledge categories. His apprenticeship entailed warehousing modules across all aspects of Warehouse duties including (Picking stock, Goods In, Returns handling, stock management, Health & Safety at work, and Warehouse Management system usage). Reece has also passed his forklift counterbalance licence.

We are proud to share this special moment as Reece receives congratulations from Dave Saunders, our Head of Warehousing and Security. Dave says “Reece completed his 2-year apprenticeship in 16 months, way ahead of schedule and with a distinction, which is a great achievement.”

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