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Complete brand fullfilment
Going above and beyond is what made us who we are today – the award-winning fulfilment partner to some of the most well-known household brands and public sector organisations.
Our Partnership Sectors
We work with a broad range of private commercial businesses, corporations and public sector organisations.
Our Platform
Our fulfilment system helps you plan, manage and review promotional marketing, contract packing or third party fulfilment campaigns, no matter how complex your requirements.
Contract Packing


A comprehensive range of contract packing services that really take you places

From medium-sized ongoing contracts to individual huge inventory projects, we’ve got everything in hand - from high-volume collation, to reverse logistics and reporting.

  • Contract packaging production line graphic

End-to-end contract packing

Granby works with the private and public sectors on high-volume collation, sleeving, barcoding, re-labelling and re-packaging, and returns. We care about added value and quality, so you’re supported by a full audit trail. Moreover, we use our own trained, skilled teams who understand and appreciate your brief.

  • Hand collation
  • Sleeving
  • Personalisation
  • Seasonal
  • Barcoding
  • Re-labelling & re-packaging
  • Returns

How can we help you?

  • Hand collation
    You’ll have a production team who are familiar with your requirements and your products. This allows them to hand collate and assemble components and packaging, quickly, and with accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Sleeving
    We use digital printing to create sleeves that look amazing and help to protect your products in transit. They provide a premium finish to your product and make it stand out in the crowd.
  • Personalisation
    We can print personalised items in-house, including letters, certificates and so on. We can also use sleeving and labelling to personalise packaging, helping you go the extra mile to show you care.
  • Seasonal packing
    We manage our production teams efficiently around the ebb and flow of seasonal contract packing requirements. We can also handle resource issues created by unexpected popularity or supply chain issues.
  • Barcoding & tamper-proofing
    This helps to increase efficiency and accuracy and provides an audit trail, helping you with everything from your returns policy to reporting. In addition, it helps to protect your products in real-time during transit and while they’re on the shelf.
  • Returns (reverse logistics)
    We keep your costs down and your cash flow free of blocks and bottlenecks. Backed by efficient technology, we provide seamlessly simple ways for you to receive and process customer returns, including quality checks and getting them back on sale ASAP.
  • Re-labelling & re-packaging
    If your packaging isn’t correct, we can re-package and re-label your products for despatch and delivery - for example, in order to meet particular demands or specifications for display, delivery, regulation or campaign.
  • Dangerous Goods
    Some products have specific packaging and packing requirements, including thickness of cardboard, polybags, correct UN labelling, and more.

Audit trail (via SCOPe)

Our clients get full visibility of what’s going on through our contract packing enhancement module for warehousing in SCOPe, our fulfilment system:

  • Track everything from components to deliveries and returns – this is now fully automated, including data via carrier integration.
  • Full visibility of component stock for planning large volume contract packing, making sure deadlines are met and that there’s a fast turnaround.
  • Full transparency of data across all departments, making it simpler to manage end-to-end resources, LOT control and BBE, as well as enhanced reporting.

Think we can partner?

Think we could be the partner for you and are interested in working together? Call us or fill in the contact form and we will get the ball rolling!