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Third Sector Fundraising in the Post-COVID Era

Donations are in short supply and surefire methods of fundraising have been postponed or cancelled outright,

Charities and community groups must now secure essential funding through other means. We can help.


When the UK eventually emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown, thoughts will predictably turn to recovery. 

But the nation’s non-profit organisations are being confronted with a very different picture. 

With donations in short supply and surefire methods of fundraising postponed or cancelled outright, charities and community groups must now secure essential funding through other means.

Taking cues from e-commerce

In response, Granby Marketing is advising Third Sector organisations to take their cues from e-commerce and utilise every trick in their marketing toolkits to survive, thrive and continue to support their causes and communities. 

76% customers are members of at least one loyalty programme

47% are more loyal as a result of membership

43% would spend more

On the surface, e-commerce may sound a strange fit for the Third Sector. But as we’ve seen time and again, an e-commerce approach to marketing – which is often loyalty and rewards based – can give organisations the edge in a competitive marketplace. 

Whether you’re a mental health charity or one of the UK’s beloved art galleries or zoos, you might consider adopting a similar approach. With charities estimated to lose a quarter of their income over the coming year, it’s time to get creative.

“It’s cost-effective to engage with a fulfilment partner. We bring so much experience and creativity to the table, so we give added value at every single stage of the process. Thanks to our processes, resources and our technology, we can do it cheaper, more efficiently and more effectively than if the same campaign or project was handled in-house.”

– Joanne Kimber, Managing Director of Granby Marketing

Put simply, consumers like to feel appreciated, and loyalty programmes are a great way of recognising and rewarding their contributions. 

From a purely financial perspective, loyalty and reward schemes pay for themselves (when implemented properly) – meaning there’s no reason not to introduce a reward of some kind.

  • What The British Want From Loyalty Programmes 2.0 (A YouGov and Mando-Connect study, 2020)

Loyalty programmes and more

The image shows some key considerations which may help your organisation acclimatise to the competitive post-pandemic landscape. 

What does a loyalty and rewards scheme look like in the Third Sector?

  • Sharing a simple ‘thank you’ message to formally recognise a past donation or ongoing subscription.
  • Introduce a monthly subscription package – an education pack aimed at kids – which helps you maintain a profit and strengthen brand recognition.
  • Promote tiered VIP packages – which offer additional perks and added value to top tier subscribers – to drive interest in your organisation.

Help to get your loyalty & rewards off the ground 

Of course, Third Sector organisations aren’t necessarily geared towards this kind of ‘out-of-the-box marketing. 

It’s why sourcing an experienced ‘fulfilment partner’ should be a key consideration for charities and community groups going forward. 

If you’re having difficulty putting your marketing proposals into practice, for example, the right fulfilment partner can bring a fresh perspective to the table.

Ideally, they’ll have all the process and technology in place to deliver regional and national marketing campaigns more effectively – freeing up much-needed resources and allowing you to redouble your efforts elsewhere. 

In a post-COVID world, these are essentials for any Third Sector organisation. 

Case study example – YoungMinds

YoungMinds is the UK’s leading children’s and young people’s mental health charity. Granby was able to do exactly that. Their year-long partnership enabled the charity to reach a broader audience, build brand awareness and take the pressure off their internal teams. 

“We at YoungMinds developed a great partnership with Granby Marketing in just over 12 months. The staff were always polite, helpful and great to work with. No issue ever seemed too small. We didn’t use them to their full potential, just fulfilment, but they were great!”

– Helen Flood, Office & Facilities Manager, YoungMinds 

If you’d like to learn more about how e-commerce approaches can improve your profit margin and build brand awareness, Read examples and get more tips in a recent Granby blog on how e-commerce approaches can improve your profit and margin and build brand awareness.

A brighter future for the third sector

Ultimately, the Third Sector faces a troubling few months, and indeed years. With fewer donations and reliable sources of funding drying up, many charities are likely to feel the pinch – which doesn’t bode well for the causes and communities they support. 

But by enlisting a fulfilment partner and adopting some of the innovative marketing approaches discussed here, Third Sector organisations can create new ways to engage with volunteers, supporters and the general public. 

Perhaps these approaches will become the new normal, as more organisations adapt to a post-COVID landscape.

  • Third sector fundraising in the post covid era

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“It’s cost-effective to engage with a fulfilment partner. We bring so much experience and creativity to the table, so we give added value at every single stage of the process.” - Joanne Kimber, Managing Director, Granby