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Granby Academy

Empowering people to reach their potential

We offer our people access to many learning opportunities through Granby Academy - from GCSEs and apprenticeships, to professional body qualifications. It's great for our growth and theirs.

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Creating a strong workforce for the future

An empowered workforce helps us to deliver the best possible service for our clients, which is why we set up the Granby Academy. 

The academy supports our employees in their quest for personal and professional development. It gives individuals who are ambitious the opportunity to gain further qualifications. 

We’re immensely proud of the scheme. People who take part in Granby Academy have shown what they are capable of, and their successes have given an indication of what they might go on to do.

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Learning opportunities through Granby Academy

Granby Academy offers so many learning opportunities, from GCSEs and apprenticeships to professional body qualifications. To our employees, it also nurtures confidence, ambition and a passion for lifelong learning. 

Some participants have not had the chance to succeed in formal education before, while others have built upon existing qualifications. With the academy, they can improve their qualifications so that, even beyond Granby, they are ready to progress in their careers.

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This is how we work

Granby Academy is a great example of how we strive to provide the very best fulfilment services to our clients. We’re a sustainable, forward-thinking company that invests in future success from the ground up. We believe a commitment to our workforce is part of the 

Talk to us about your next project and see why so many brands, agencies and public sector organisations love working with Granby.

Here are some case studies from our excellent team who have trained through the Academy!

Victoria Pittman

Victoria Pittman – Diploma In Leadership & Management L3 / Excel

With the resources made available by the Granby Academy, Victoria was able to earn a Diploma in Leadership & Management as well as learning Microsoft Excel. Through this course, she learned vital leadership and management skills, coaching and mentoring techniques and valuable conflict management strategies. By learning these things, Victoria has developed further understandings of her role as well as her own character as these are skills which can be transferred outside the workplace. The experience and exposure which was offered by Granby ensured that Victoria was in a position to complete assignments and also practise what she had learned.The supportive and friendly environment which is ever-present at Granby ensured that she had all the help she could need with her line manager offering great mentorship.Here is what Victoria said about the impact this has had on her career:

“It has allowed me to better develop my teams and mentor them and also how to effectively manage conflict and to manage and adapt to change which we have had to put into practise more so than ever with the impacts of COVID-19..”

Sharon Clough

Sharon Clough – AAT Level 2, Bespoke Excel Training, Communications Skills

The Granby Academy has allowed Sharon to achieve an AAT Level 2 as well as provided bespoke Microsoft Excel training and new communication skills. The AAT was an in-depth course and a set of exams all relating to the working within Finance.

This was a course over 12 months where Sharon was offered the opportunity to go to college once a week as well as to do coursework throughout. With 5 different exams throughout the course. Sharon learned a lot of how things work in an accounts department and why things are carried out and the reason. As this was her first foray in the accounts department, it offered her a fantastic foundational understanding and knowledge basis which she was then able to further develop through experience. The costs for this course were covered by Granby as part of the ‘Granby Academy’ initiative and also adequate time and support was given to ensure that Sharon was ready for her exams. With the hard work put in from Sharon and the support of Granby, we are pleased to say she came out with a distinction from her course. The communication skills which she learned have enabled her to become an excellent team member as she can quickly solve problems with her colleagues.

Kelsey Hall

Kelsey Hall – IPM Foundation Certificate & Communication Skills

Kelsey was encouraged to take on the Institute of Promotional Marketing’s Foundation course in order to solidify her understanding of Promotional Marketing and to support her in her role.

Within the course, she studied the importance of audience and channels when developing a campaign. She also learned about the legal aspect of all promotions as well as an understanding of how to write T&C’s and what makes them binding.

Whilst she wasn’t required to take the course since our team was super supportive of her and willing to help, the independence that came with the qualification was something which we felt beneficial to her lifelong. Granby also financed the completion of the course, allowing Kelsey to travel down to London once a month as well as offering ample time to complete coursework with constant support from her line manager as she had also taken the course.

Anne BerryAnne Berry – Excel Training

Anne undertook training to develop her skills in Excel which was supported and encouraged by Granby in order to further her personal skills and to also support her in her career.

Through her training she was able to manage multiple spreadsheets and learn how to extrapolate date in order to pull together important reports in a good looking format.

Before her training, she struggled with creating presentations but through her time learning with the Granby Academy she was able to pick up on fundamental skills which she can use universally.

Jemina Paakolanvaara – NVQ IT L2

Jemina studied the NVQ IT Level 2 course with support from Granby. On this course, she learned how to use the different softwares: Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Before studying this course, Jemina wasn’t too fond of Excel spreadsheets, struggling to use them. However after she was given the opportunity to study and take formal training with them, she became much more confident in their use applying these skills in her day to day roles.

Agata Kozera – ESOL

Agata undertook the ESOL Qualification in order to further develop her understanding of the English language and to build independence within herself. With the support of her mentor and manager at Granby, Agata developed a greater knowledge of management and leadership, compounded with the ability to understand industry-specific terminology. Through her extensive work experience and numerous 121 sessions with her Mentor, she was able to gain brand new skills and build her confidence to work more independently whilst also having a solid team which she can rely on.

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