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    Improving your shopper marketing

    With the advent of more sophisticated technology, retail shopper marketing efforts are seeing a subtle shift from traditional promotions. People are now more attracted to eco-friendly products, gadgets, and accessories than ever before.

    Here are the main things to consider when improving your shopper marketing operations.

    Promotional Marketing

    It’s imperative that you keep up with the changes in the promotional marketing industry. Here are promotional ideas and trends that will improve your marketing experience.

    Quality Still Reigns Supreme

    In this industry, quality is something that is becoming recognized as an aspect of extreme importance. That means you have to offer better promotional products than the competition. We are talking about uniqueness and quality here,  only top-quality cpromotions will survive. That’s why you have to prioritize quality over quantity.

    Let’s face it: it’s 2018. No one wants more of those cheap knick-knacks. In fact, you need to have done away with the idea a decade ago. Considering that consumers have lots of promotional items, you need to give them a reason to keep the giveaway and hold on to it. Therefore, you have to make sure all the promotional items you offer are functional, and most importantly, practical for your clients.

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    Traditional Promotional Marketing

    Radio, print media, billboards, and television dominated the traditional promotional marketing landscape. The rise of new media channels has seen these traditional methods quickly adapt. Some of the ways traditional promotions are used in today’s world include advertising above and below the line, a focus on products instead of brands, and the shift towards speciality topics.

    Drive Sales

    Some of the things you can do to create value for your high profile customers and drive sales include finding ways to enhance their shopping experience and assigning them your best sales individuals. As such, going the extra mile to serve your high-value customers in the best way possible will drive sales and build brand loyalty.

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    Granby win UKWA Award

    We are delighted to announce that Granby have won a prestigious UKWA (UK Warehousing Association) Award. Granby were the winner of the Customer Service Category, which recognises businesses across the logistics sector who provide outstanding customer service for their clients.

    The annual award celebration took place on Wednesday 4th July 2018 at The Dorchester hotel in London and was a great celebration of talent in the logistics and warehousing industry.

    The UKWA Awards is a high-profile industry event which Granby are extremely proud to be part of.


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    The 6 key benefits of contract packing

    If your business is struggling to cope with the requirements of packing, or if you are seeking ways to improve your product while cutting your costs, this guide will outline the benefits of the contract packing we can offer you. Below are just some of the ways contract packing can help you:

    1. Pack irregular and awkward items safely

    Contract packers can manually package and distribute delicate, awkward items that could be damaged by industrial packing machines. This can include food products, glassware, toys, electronics, hampers and other irregularly shaped products.

    2. Send personalised promotional gifts

    Customers love to be rewarded for their loyalty, and companies who offer regular promotional gifts and personalised packages have far higher customer retention levels. Packaging should always suit the brand’s ideals and those of their customers. Contract packing can include plastic-free and recyclable packaging alternatives.

    3. Reduce overheads and lower investment

    Packaging your own products often requires investment in a number of machines, including conveyor belts, shrink-wrappers and press seals. For a small business, these are significant expenses. Greatly reduce the manufacturing cost by producing in bulk, and outsourcing the packing to a company that already owns the right machinery and equipment.
    4. Address periods of peak demand comfortably

    Many products have seasonal peaks, and are only in demand during certain parts of the year – and almost all products see an upsurge in interest during the Christmas shopping period, or during sales like Black Friday and Boxing Day. This increase in product demand can be extremely testing for companies. Outsource to a contract packer and free up time for production. The products can even be packaged for you in season-specific colours and styles – or gift-wrapped for Christmas!

    5. Outsource tasks so you can focus on manufacturing

    Even when demand is low or steady, it can help to free up workers to concentrate on production and development, instead of pouring money and time into packing. Costs for contract packing tend to be much lower than the cost of retaining packing staff and supplying the materials and machines.

    6. Built-in quality control process provides reassurance

    All the contract packing services we offer carry our own guarantee of quality assurance. Manual packing and machine packing at a dedicated facility will reduce the risk of flaws and defects. Not only will any packaging error be spotted and corrected, but you also add an extra product check before the items reach the market.

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    Why is point of sale so important in today’s retail environment?

    Point of Sale (POS), also commonly referred to as Point of Purchase (POP) is what increases sales in your business, encouraging clients to spend more while also increasing their familiarity with your marketing campaigns and branding. Online shopping is increasing, and this trend is set to continue. In line with this, customers are spending less and less in shops, meaning that you really need to make the most of every customer in todays’ retail environment. However, POS can significantly help with this.

    Point of Sale advertising

    It has been established that around 70% of in-store purchases are made by consumers on impulse. This means that by using certain displays, advertising or other promotional material you can help to encourage customers to make a purchase based on this. This POS advertising offers customers that extra bit of information which leads them towards a decision, and as such it is key that you have the best possible POS in order to counter the effect of online sales and increase your takings.

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    Implementation is essential

    Correct implementation of POS can really help to drive sales. How POS will be implemented can depend on a number of factors including budget, location and any current campaigns or promotions the POS needs to be associated with. It is also important to consider the target audience of the POS, and tailor your displays to their needs. While POS may come in many forms, including posters, free-standing display units and window graphics, each type and its function within store must be carefully considered in order to make it drive sales as much as possible.

    The importance of logistics

    In order for POS to really drive sales, they must be visible throughout the retail environment and must tie in with any current campaigns or promotions that you are running. You may have some amazing window decals, or posters designed which will help to drive your sale, but these are useless if you haven’t organised their arrival before the promotion. Remember, employees need time to set up POS in line with the promotion, so ensuring familiarity with positioning and assembling the POS is key, but more important than this is making sure it arrives in store on time!

    Granby Marketing Services are experts in connecting clients to customers and have experts who can assist in your POS and surrounding campaigns. Given the difficulties of trying to compete with online and eCommerce sites, it is more important than ever to have specialist assistance, so get in touch us on 01254 682 702.

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    The Power of Print Marketing

    There is no denying that we live in a digital world. The Internet has changed the way we go about our daily lives. It has certainly changed the way we market our businesses. However, this does not mean that print marketing is redundant. In fact, quite the opposite is true. A successful marketing campaign needs to contain a mix of both offline and online methods. Read on to discover why print is still powerful for both private and public sectors.

    Make a bigger impact with print marketing

    One of the main benefits associated with print marketing is the fact that it is tangible. You can pick up a leaflet or brochure so it engages more of the senses, making it more memorable and creating a bigger impact. Print marketing is also less intrusive. If a business postcard is placed through the letterbox, you can look at it at a time that is convenient for you. The same cannot be said for Internet banners and pop-ups. Plus, we all know how distracting and irritating endless streams of promotional emails can be! For private businesses looking to secure custom, print marketing has a big impact.

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    Make your business seem more personable

    Print marketing also makes your business seem more personable. It reminds people that you are the face behind your company. This is beneficial for both public and private businesses, as it helps to build more loyal relationships with customers, and it also helps you to build your brand image and your authority in your industry.

    Enhance your brand

    In terms of branding, print gives you the platform to ensure your brand is a strong and effective one. This is because it encourages you to consider how well your visual design translates across various media channels. Yes, your logo may look good on a monitor, but how well would it appear in paper and ink? It ensures you create a brand that stands out and is effective no matter the medium that is being used. This is the only way to generate a sustainable company image.

    As you can see, print marketing is still very much relevant today. This is because it possesses a number of qualities that online marketing does not have, and never will. To achieve advertising success today, the perfect mixture of offline and online methods are needed.

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    Granby joins 3 new industry bodies

    We are pleased to announce that we have recently become members of three new industry bodies, these are the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF), Call Centre Management Association (CCMA) and United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA).

    These are an important milestone in the continuing growth and success of Granby. Joining new memberships shows our commitment to providing the highest levels of service to our customers, and the same high level of conduct in our business practices.

    Our new memberships will immerse us even further into the print, contact centre and warehousing communities; helping us broaden our network and knowledge to ensure continuous improvement within the business.

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    The grocery market is changing…

    The landscape of the grocery market is changing rapidly, away from a reliance on large supermarkets offering in-store shopping experiences towards more and more online purchases in various forms. Due to this increasing trend towards online experiences, digital receipt validation and other such promotions have become an incredibly important and useful part of shopper marketing.

    A recent report from Cardlytics – ‘How is Grocery Spend Changing Across Meal Kits, Specialty, Delivery, Traditional & Discount’ – notes that less traditional methods of grocery shopping have grown consistently in the last few years, and taken a chunk out of the market for traditional in-store grocery shopping.

    Related image
    Firstly, discount grocery has grown between 8 and 10% each year from 2015-2017. With a rapid rise in the number and variety of stores offering discount grocery, customers have become increasingly attracted to the opportunity to do their grocery shopping at a cheaper rate. Naturally, this has affected the market shares of the larger, more mainstream stores. For example, traditional grocery spend and number of unique shoppers has decreased by nearly 3%, beginning in autumn 2017. It is here then that stores have the opportunity to use promotions such as digital receipt validation to lure and entice shoppers into their premises. Shopper marketing, while always having been important, has now become a vital and indispensable tool for attracting new customers.

    SwiftReceipt offers an efficient and easy service to help customers receive their rewards instantly, and to help brands market to prospective customers.

    With the increase in popularity of online grocery and food services, the traditional methods of grocery shopping have faced a new threat. While only 4.6% of consumers use convenience channels such as delivery or meal kits, grocery delivery has taken a sizeable and immediate bite out of in-store sales. Online grocery delivery has seen constant and consistent customer acquisition growth.

    The report shows that traditional grocery customers gained in the first two months of the new year are retained the most in the following year. Therefore, January and February become critical to the acquisition of new customers. Using SwiftReceipt to lure in customers, stores can make up for the post-Christmas dip in customers and spending.

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    Meeting your customers’ service expectations

    In a world where we are faced with more choice than ever, meeting the expectations of your customers is an ever-changing game. With the advent of the internet, customers now have a wide range of options should your service fall short of their expectations, and this can be an expensive mistake to make.

    The customer experience

    The most important thing is to create a positive customer experience. It is about more than merely the service received at the point of sale; the entire experience must be crafted to ensure that the customer feels supported and positive, and to encourage trust in your brand or product. Meeting or exceeding the expectations of your customers has a number of benefits for the business: greater profits, customer loyalty, a positive reputation, and the opportunity to expand with future work. Excellent customer service requires communication, listening, questioning and, perhaps most importantly, taking a genuine interest in the needs of the customer, and reassuring them that they are your number one priority.

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    When it goes wrong

    On the flip side, of course, is bad customer service, which can have a devastating effect on businesses. Customers who have received a negative experience will be critical, unlikely to spend money on products or services, and even less likely to recommend. If they don’t feel appreciated, listened to and valued, customers will simply take themselves to a provider who is able to offer the levels of service which meet modern expectations: the choice available on the market is endless.

    What we can do

    To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is crucial that customer service and meeting customer expectations are amongst the top priorities of any service based business: consumers are at the forefront, and must be treated as the most important area. Investment in thorough training, clear outlines, and a simple but effective set of expectations, which every member of the team is familiar with, are easy ways to lift this area of your business, and ensure the custom or repeat and long-term consumers for many years to come: a benefit for provider and customer alike

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    How To Increase Customer Loyalty Among Millennials


    How To Increase Customer Loyalty Among Millennials created by Revzi.

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    Customer service can impact your revenue

    Whilst acquisition of new customers can seem like a critical part of building a business, most research agrees that retention of existing customers is the most cost-effective way of building revenue. Marketing Metrics found that businesses are up to 14 times more likely to sell to an existing customer than a new one, and existing, happy customers are likely to spend up to 140% more with the company than a first-time client.

    Whilst it is important that a business is well put-together and provides a unique and cost-effective service, the most important element for customer retention is customer satisfaction, meaning that great service is the key to increasing revenue. KPMG’s Customer Experience Report finds that companies who work to improve customer experiences can see revenues increase as much as 15%, and a happy customer is likely to advertise your business for you, with research by American Express finding that a satisfied consumer will go out and tell, on average, nine friends about your business. Not only does this offer free publicity for the company, but people tend to trust word of mouth referrals much more than advertising coming directly from the company.

    Image result for customer service

    Some of the more efficient ways to improve customer service include:

    Make a great first impression

    Your first contact with any potential customer should offer a friendly and polite greeting, and information about the service, without being aggressive. Approached too forcefully, a customer will feel uncomfortable and look elsewhere.

    Be empathetic

    Customers want to feel that they are receiving a compassionate service from a business, with real, human interaction valued very highly. Contact centre staff members should listen carefully to what a customer is saying in order to tailor their responses to suit that person specifically. Companies may also want to shorten the chain of command when dealing with customers so that clients aren’t repeating themselves again and again to multiple representatives when dealing with an issue.

    Shorten response times

    It is frustrating for anyone to feel that they are being ignored, and a customer whose request or problem has been disregarded for several days is likely to become an ex-customer before the problem is ever addressed. In the age of social media, people expect even faster response times, with 42% of social media users expecting a response within 60 minutes. It is useful for companies to focus on these areas and have dedicated, knowledgeable staff on hand to respond to queries right away.

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