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Complete brand fullfilment
Going above and beyond is what made us who we are today – the award-winning fulfilment partner to some of the most well-known household brands and public sector organisations.
Our Partnership Sectors
We work with a broad range of private commercial businesses, corporations and public sector organisations.
Our Platform
Our fulfilment system helps you plan, manage and review promotional marketing, contract packing or third party fulfilment campaigns, no matter how complex your requirements.
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Our Platform

Full visibility and control of your operations

Enabling seamless end-to-end fulfilment

Plan, manage and review promotional marketing, contract packing or third party fulfilment campaigns at any time, at your desk or on the go.

SCOPe has been designed with clients at its heart. No other fulfilment system we know of integrates so much information and places it at your fingertips.

It incorporates three key modules – OrderSure, warehouse management and automation. These support seamless end-to-end fulfilment, and each module is flexible enough to be tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

As a Granby client, you’ll have your own SCOPe portal (dashboard) to our fulfilment system to help you plan, manage and review promotional marketing, contract packing or third party fulfilment campaigns, no matter how complex your requirements.

Promotional marketing solutions

SCOPe features

It's not off-the-shelf - so it can be tailored to whatever you need.
  • Full visibility and transparency
  • Everything in one place
  • Realtime MI reports
  • Quick order cart
  • Stock management
  • Contract packing management
  • Automation
  • Secure login
  • Mobile device-ready
  • Realtime KPIs
SCOPe Module


This SCOPe module is a turnkey solution for all your fulfilment needs, designed to help you manage inventory easily and efficiently.

It seems at first like a simple way to browse your inventory, but OrderSure is crammed with features to ensure that you’ll never struggle with ordering stock again.

You can even use it on your mobile device – you’ll have everything in your line of sight and under control, all the time.


Ordersure delivery graphic

Features of OrderSure

  • Secure single sign on
  • Realtime access to your data
  • Shopping cart for your staff/agents
  • Fine grained approval management
  • MI insights
  • Pick strategies
  • SwiftReceipt graphic


Our industry-leading redemption tool, Swift Receipt, isn’t a SCOPe module but often works hand-in-hand with Ordersure.

Powered by AI, Swift Receipt takes less than 20 seconds for customer data to be captured and proof of purchase to be validated.

It’s the perfect tech for promotional marketing projects and loyalty programmes – efficient, accurate and GDPR compliant.

SCOPe Module

Warehouse Management

The co-pack enhancement module allows full visibility of component stock for the planning of large volume contract packing, making sure deadlines are met.

It also supports a fast turnaround. Making critical data visible across multiple teams in the fulfilment process, the warehousing module simplifies resource management.

LOT control, carrier integration and a host of other features help us deliver jobs seamlessly across partners.

warehouse management graphic

Features of Warehouse Management

  • Fully tracked inventory management
  • LOT/Batch control
  • KPI tracking
  • Transport Diary
  • Contract pack planner
  • Pick strategies
SCOPe Module

Process Automation

SCOPe’s automation technology is able to talk to other systems to exchange information, whatever the system. It puts the needs of our clients at the centre of our operations and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Products won’t ever go missing. You’ll always have enough components. And you’ll always be able to answer questions about the progress and performance of a campaign.

3pl process automation graphic

Features of Process Automation

  • Web API
    This enables your system to speak to ours and vice versa, so when you want to send information directly - like a database or order - it will be picked up and transferred into our system for tracking and management.
  • Multi-carrier integration
    Our system can act as a hub between your system and your delivery partner’s, meaning we can take responsibility for this aspect of your operation too. We create a barcode at source and, each time it’s scanned, we can track its visibility across the carrier or pallet network.
  • KPI tracking
  • Stock Control Order Processing graphic

Why and how we developed SCOPe and Ordersure

SCOPe stands for ‘Stock Control Order Processing in an electronic environment’. Quite a mouthful – SCOPe will do! We developed the system ourselves and continue to invest heavily in its evolution so it keeps giving our clients the edge they are looking for.

In 2000, like everyone else we were using three different systems to manage 3PL, promotional marketing and contract packing. These off-the-shelf packages didn’t speak to each other – so they didn’t give accurate data. Also, our clients were asking for better efficiency and better visibility in real time, and more.

Our proposition as a business had changed too: between 1959 and 2000, our business had evolved from a promotional marketing agency into a marketing fulfilment partner. Our technology needed to incorporate the demands of this so we could strengthen our own processes.

Research into off-the-shelf project management systems revealed they weren’t flexible enough for our clients’ needs either. So, we began developing our own system in 2002 and it has never stopped evolving.

  • SCOPe graphic

SCOPe's Strengths

It’s not off-the-shelf – so it can be tailored to whatever you need. Our clients help us evolve the system by requesting access to new information or making a suggestion. This way of evolving means it’s highly relevant to clients and provides a robust framework for their success.

It supports running complex operations – in part or from start to finish. Because it speaks to other systems, including carrier networks, and is automated, it has complete visibility of a campaign or project in detail.

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Your Development team

Our staff are at the heart of the business and its success.

We recruit our own bank of workers through a careful selection, vetting and training process.

We don’t have a need for temping agencies to build our teams, it’s already in hand.

Granby’s workers become skilled across all our brand partners to keep our workforce flexible and, under the guidance of dedicated brand team leaders, remain sensitive to your particular requirements.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Granby Marketing, and have always been completely satisfied with their services. The Account Management team are quick to respond, action all queries quickly and are a pleasure to work with. I would recommend their services very highly.
Megan Fairclough, Marketing Manager, Vitality

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