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A Journey continues with Stepping Stones

Empowering Rising Stars: A Journey continues with Stepping Stones

As a leading employee-owned business, we are committed to nurturing our Rising Stars and equipping them with the necessary skills to become the next generation of leaders across all functions within our company. This week Kayleigh, Niamh, Lisa, and Dillon, our core group of Rising Stars, met again for the latest steps with our team leader, Rachel Haslam, of Team Academy.

The Stepping Stones Training Programme

Our tailored Stepping Stones training programme is designed to identify and cultivate the potential of our Rising Stars. With a focus on personal and professional growth, this comprehensive program delves into various aspects of leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence. Through a series of engaging sessions, participants gain valuable insights and practical tools to navigate the challenges of the business world with confidence and finesse.

A Wholehearted Approach

Our 4 Rising Stars, wholeheartedly embrace the Stepping Stones process. Their commitment and enthusiasm were evident throughout this latest session, as they eagerly absorbed the knowledge and skills imparted by our experienced facilitators.

Key Learnings

The recent session covered a range of essential topics, including the art of handling difficult conversations, effective leadership strategies, decoding body language cues, and establishing rapport through mirroring and matching.

Niamh, in particular, found the focus body language fascinating, “It sheds light on how one’s nonverbal cues can reveal true emotions during a conversation. It will be interesting to see how altering my own body language can positively influence others, creating a more harmonious and productive dialogue. We shall see!”

And talking of body language, we reckon that Spud the dog has it nailed.

We think Spud is saying “I’ve learned all I’m going to today. Can we go for a walk now, please?”. Who needs words?

Implications for Leadership

By equipping our Rising Stars with the ability to lead and diffuse difficult conversations, we empower them to navigate challenging situations with grace and empathy. Recognising subtle signals conveyed through body language enables our future leaders to better understand and connect with their colleagues, fostering stronger relationships and collaboration. The art of mirroring and matching should further enhance their ability to establish rapport, creating a foundation of trust and understanding within our organisation.


This Stepping Stones session further solidified our commitment to nurturing the potential of our Rising Stars. We look forward to witnessing their continued growth and the positive impact all will undoubtedly make within our business.


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