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Social Value Framework

How Granby meets the requirements of the Social Value Framework in public sector procurement

As a 3PL partner, we offer first class services, backed by a genuine commitment to Social Value, to help the public sector deliver projects where added value is a catalyst for positive impact.

Granby and Social Value

Adding value to the work we do is part of our philosophy. We take great pride in being able to use our experience, creativity and technology to help clients achieve the results they need. A concept like Social Value, which aims to make public sector expenditure go further and do more, fits the way we work. 

Since 2020, we’ve had a working group exploring and documenting how we meet the requirements. As a caring and conscientious employer, we’ve been pleased to find that our business has been operating broadly in alignment with Social Value themes. 

The support of the formalised framework is welcome, because our engagement with it is an ongoing workflow across all the themes, which will continually reveal opportunities to improve our offering.

The values are important to everything we do here
Anonymous employee, submitted to the Investors In People ‘One Year On’ report, January 2022
  • Social Value - supporting grassroots charity

Theme 1: COVID-19 recovery

The aim is to help local communities manage and recover from the impact of Covid-19.

It includes providing support for people to return to work, engaging with local businesses, and supporting people’s physical and mental health needs.

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Theme 2: Tackling economic inequality

The aim is to increase supply chain resilience and capacity, and create new jobs and skills.

This includes creating a diverse supply chain including new businesses and entrepreneurs, supporting innovation, modernising delivery, and increasing productivity.

  • girl hugging panda teddy in warehouse

Theme 3: Fighting climate change

The aim is effective stewardship of the environment.

This theme focuses on the delivery of additional environmental benefits in the performance of public sector contracts, including working towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Social Value - equal opportunities

Theme 4: Equal opportunities

The aim is to reduce the disability employment gap and tackle workplace inequality by helping people.

This includes those from disadvantaged or minority groups, to move into higher paid work through training and recognised qualifications.

  • Social Value - wellbeing

Theme 5: Wellbeing

This aims to improve health and wellbeing, and community integration.

This includes supporting physical and mental health in the workforce, and collaborating with users and communities in the co-design and delivery of the contract to support strong integrated communities.

  • Social Value - infosec

Theme 6: Information Security

The aim is to mitigate and manage cyber security risks to the market, industry, sector and country.

It’s a sub-section of ‘Tackling economic inequality’. As a business heavily invested in technology, we’ve made it a bigger priority.

The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2013

This Act states that anyone who commissions work must consider how their budget spend improves the wider social, economic and environmental situation. Businesses like Granby that work with the public sector must demonstrate how they will deliver more value for money.

How we meet its requirements

  1. Ongoing workflow – Meeting the requirements of the Social Value Framework is an ongoing process led by a working group. It involves assessing what we do, exploring what we can improve, and putting this into action – and repeat.
  2. Communication – It’s important to communicate these aims throughout our business, so that everyone is on board with the what, why and how. This sparks a creative, can-do mindset that gets results. Plus, everyone can see – and often experience – its value.
  3. Collaboration – As a fulfilment partner, we often occupy the space between our clients and the supply chain. It’s an active, proactive position with a lot of influence across the board. We’re committed to collaborating with the entire supply chain to achieve the best results.

How we measure our impact

We assess qualitative and quantitative data, including surveys, external audits, and HR and Finance data.

  1. Through our role as a 3PL fulfilment partner, including warehousing, contract packing and promotional marketing
  2. By adding value and achievement to clients’ CSR programmes by virtue of our approach and practices, including a commitment to sustainability
  3. As a conscientious employer within a community where some areas are in the top 10% most deprived in England with the 9th highest child poverty rates

Our KPIs include everything from the number of new roles created, to the number of our suppliers that have established themselves in the last 18 months. You can see our latest results on our Social Values report 2022; we’ll update and publish these annually.

Social Value and CSR

Corporate Social responsibility is worth a final mention. The Social Value Model is great in this respect because it embraces and integrates with CSR, which we take very seriously. Our business, which is well-established and successful as an employer and a supply chain partner, has power. We choose to use this in a positive way.

Also, Granby is a business where advanced technology has a strong role, but our reputation is built around people. We’ve nurtured a strong workforce of people who care about the quality of what they do. With investment into training and education, and an open, collaborative culture, our team goes from strength to strength. 

“Granby is a business where advanced technology has a strong role, but our reputation is built around people.”   

Our approach makes it second nature to go the extra mile for our customers, pulling out all the stops so that deadlines and objectives can be met, paying attention to the details that make all the difference to KPIs and customer satisfaction.

And, aligning ourselves as closely to the Social Value Framework has the power to bring us closer to communities and make an impact on the things that matter most to us right now, from Covid-19 recovery to climate change.

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Granby meets the requirements of the Social Value Framework by adding value wherever we can - making projects more efficient, while retaining the highest possible quality. As a lead supplier or a delivery partner, you can rely on us.