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Complete brand fullfilment
Going above and beyond is what made us who we are today – the award-winning fulfilment partner to some of the most well-known household brands and public sector organisations.
Our Partnership Sectors
We work with a broad range of private commercial businesses, corporations and public sector organisations.
Our Platform
Our fulfilment system helps you plan, manage and review promotional marketing, contract packing or third party fulfilment campaigns, no matter how complex your requirements.
Contract Packing

Contract packing resources & facilities

Everything you need to get your co-pack despatched on time and on budget

Skilled production teams, supported by exceptional fulfilment technology, working in secure and well-organised facilities.

  • Contract packaging production line graphic

From Lancashire to the world

Our site in Blackburn comprises a 66,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility with a comprehensive mix of storage types, plus a secure caged area, clean room and BRCGS status.

  • Vetted, trained and skilled production teams (no agency workers)
  • Modern premises well-connected to transport infrastructure
  • Central position close to distribution hubs, national / international carrier depots
  • Space for different storage requirements – racked, not racked, bulk stacked
  • Clean room for specialist packing (BRC and Soil Association audited / compliant)
  • Batch, LOT Control and ERP within our fulfilment system, SCOPe

Our resources and facilities

  • Production teams
    We recruit our own bank of workers through a careful selection. They become skilled across all our brand partners and we continue to invest in their continuing professional development.
  • Modern premises
    Manchester was great but we moved out to better premises, which are well-connected to the motorway network and conveniently close to distribution hubs and carrier depots.
  • Flexible warehousing
    Mixed use racked warehousing & floor standing storage of different sized products, plus 6,000 pallet locations, all recorded and tracked by our fulfilment system including BBE information.
  • White room for specialist packing
    A clean room for collating and contract packing products with specific requirements like cosmetics, food and delicate materials. BRC and Soil Association audited/compliant.
  • Enterprise resource planning
    Resources must stay flexible to make sure you can meet deadlines, whatever happens. We manage this - and a lot more - through the contract packing module in our fulfilment system.
  • Audit trail & risk management
    Our fulfilment system, SCOPe, allows complete visibility of information in real time, including supplier and carrier status and tracking.
  • Streamline your returns, keeping customers happy and protecting cash flow with efficient tracking, quality checking, repackaging, and quickly making items available for resale.
  • No charges for downtime
    Our ERP makes planning and resource management so efficient that we don’t need to charge clients for downtime - and we don’t miss deadlines either.

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