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Complete brand fullfilment
Going above and beyond is what made us who we are today – the award-winning fulfilment partner to some of the most well-known household brands and public sector organisations.
Our Partnership Sectors
We work with a broad range of private commercial businesses, corporations and public sector organisations.
Our Platform
Our fulfilment system helps you plan, manage and review promotional marketing, contract packing or third party fulfilment campaigns, no matter how complex your requirements.
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Third-Party Logistics

Handling & Fulfilment

Reliable and cost-effective handling & fulfilment services

Bespoke solutions for your specific requirements including POS kitting & collation, order fulfilment & returns handling, pick & pack services, sampling, and brochure fulfilment & membership packs.

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B2B & B2C order fulfilment solutions that are flexible and scalable

At Granby we tailor our handling & fulfilment solutions to your specific requirements. We understand that every client faces different challenges, so we make it our mission to work with you, from the beginning to develop a solution that works best for your business.

Our flexible and skilled team of production staff are on hand to deliver your project to the highest possible standards; whilst our experienced team of account managers add value to your project through their knowledge and expertise of the fulfilment environment and best practice solutions.

We pride ourselves on delivering a quality and accurate service for you and your business, so get in touch to see how Granby could help you with your next handling & fulfilment project.

How can we help you?

  • POS Kitting & Collation
    The logistics surrounding POS are complicated and require diligent management. There are always multiple partners involved, which presents a high level of risk. Working with Granby offers ways to streamline your POS marketing to reduce this risk. At the same time, we help you find savings and efficiencies without cutting corners.
  • Order Fulfilment & Returns Handling
    Accurate and efficient, with data available in real-time, Granby can fulfil your orders - everything from cosmetics and clothing, to toys and critical documentation. We can also handle the reverse logistics, providing full MI data that allows you to adjust resources, cash flow and forecasting, and get quality checked items back on sale as soon as possible.
  • Pick & Pack Services
    We only use our own bank of vetted, trained staff so we can ensure consistent quality. With this flexible and skilled resource, which is backed by our warehouse management system (part of our fulfilment platform), picking & packing is a smooth operation. Get updates in real time from your own dashboard, which allows you to flex and scale resources to meet demand.
  • Sampling Solutions
    We approach sampling campaigns with the knowledge that they can have a far-reaching impact- they aren't just a hit-and-run. We ensure you get the best possible ROAS. We also capitalise on all the touch points to create a buzz around your campaign that has a long-lasting effect on remarketing, including optimising the impact on your brand equity.
  • Brochure Fulfilment & Membership Packs
    The comprehensive nature of our fulfilment system, SCOPe, makes brochure and membership pack fulfilment simple. On the database management side, because it integrates securely with your data, despatch to national and international recipients can be fully automated - and fully reported in in real time, including asset tracking through the supplier chain.

Think we could partner?

Talk to us about your next retail or instore campaign and the fulfilment challenges you face and let us see how we can help you deliver the best possible solution.