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Going above and beyond is what made us who we are today – the award-winning fulfilment partner to some of the most well-known household brands and public sector organisations.
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We work with a broad range of private commercial businesses, corporations and public sector organisations.
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Our fulfilment system helps you plan, manage and review promotional marketing, contract packing or third party fulfilment campaigns, no matter how complex your requirements.
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Case Studies

Granby case studies

Examples, statistics & testimonials

Details of our work with clients in the private sector and public sector, with examples from 3PL, Reverse Logistics, Customer Service, Promotional Marketing, and Contract Packing. If there’s a particular service you’d like to discuss that we haven't done a case study on yet, we can share details offline with you now - please get in touch.

Want to know how we get great results?

We’re delighted to present some examples of projects we’ve been heavily involved in over the years. We’ve worked on many fascinating and challenging projects over the years and it’s a pleasure to show off about them a bit.

Granby has been the trusted fulfilment partner to some of the best-loved household brands and public sector organisations since 1959. With a reputation for going above and beyond, our promotional marketing, contract packing and 3PL services deliver the goods every time.

Here’s more insight into what we do and how. If you’d like to know more, we’re happy to talk you through it – please get in touch.

  • COVID testing logistics

ONS: COVID infection survey logistics

Granby was brought in as the logistics provider on a critical UK-wide project. Our decades of experience in 3PL was really put to the test, in what is one of our largest and most complex public sector projects ever.

Taking receipt of 30 million items, we processed 255k+ Study Worker orders and helped the ONS collect critical information essential to the government’s response to the pandemic.

  • Detail of Frank Green bottles fulfilled by Granby

Frank Green: B2B & B2C fulfilment

Frank Green creates beautifully designed, functional and award-winning cups and bottles that customers love to use and re-use. 1000s of personalised designs are possible, based on customer choice of material, colour, size and accessories, plus the added complexity of shipping to the UK and EU.

Granby provides the technology and expertise to fulfil orders to customers and businesses, with a close eye on sustainability.

  • Census 2021 form

Office for National Statistics: Census 2021

The Census is a national project with substantial complexity and dependencies. The 2021 Census is the largest on record – 97% completed on time, with no items sent to landfill. Its success highlights the capabilities of efficient 3PL solutions.

It looks on paper like an impossibly complex task. Yet, it was successfully planned and carried out by Granby and the ONS.

  • Rabiah Mayat

Kickstart: Empowering the workforce

Rabiah Mayat joined Granby under the Kickstart Scheme to gain experience in customer service, after she was made redundant from Debenhams.

The scheme led to a full time position in our inbound Customer Service team. She’s one of three Kickstarters who we recruited into high quality roles at our Blackburn site, while others have gone on to secure roles at other local businesses.

It’s cost-effective to engage with a fulfilment partner. We bring so much experience and creativity to the table, so we give added value at every single stage of the process
Joanne Kimber, Managing Director, Granby

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