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Going above and beyond is what made us who we are today – the award-winning fulfilment partner to some of the most well-known household brands and public sector organisations.
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We work with a broad range of private commercial businesses, corporations and public sector organisations.
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Reverse Logistics

A controlled process suitable for the efficient return of goods and other items

Clunky returns processes are costing UK businesses around £60bn a year. We can help you streamline your returns, keeping customers happy and protecting cash flow with accurate tracking, quality checking, repackaging, and quickly making items available for resale.

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A process for all sectors

As a 3PL fulfilment partner, we’ve got decades of experience building and executing robust reverse logistics processes that exceed expectations.

  1. Strengthen customer trust and loyalty with an easy returns process and faster refunds.
  2. Manage your cashflow and resources, including the ability to forecast more accurately.
  3. Facilitate the return of equipment, field kits, forms and paperwork, and other non-retail items.
  4. Arrange workflows for the resale, recycling, reusing, repairing or safe disposal of different items.

How we can help you

  • Web API
    Whatever system you use, our API enables the exchange of data between you and all partners via the warehouse management module in our fulfilment system, SCOPe. Seamless and secure, it allows you to send and view returns information on any device.
  • 66,000 sq. ft Warehousing
    Our flexible & scalable warehousing solutions are supported by intelligent warehouse management technology, which reports on all movements and transactions. Includes a secure caged area, on-site security. We have UKWA membership and work to BRCGS standards.
  • High Volume UK & International Returns
    We can handle high volumes of returns and scale up or down as required. Our workforce is flexible and trained in your brand’s needs. They are supported by our comprehensive fulfilment system, SCOPe, and robust internal processes.
  • Returns Labelling
    The customer indicates they wish to return an item. This information is pulled from your website to our warehouse management system in SCOPe. A label (with barcode) is produced. SCOPe can also email labels directly to a carrier.
  • Returns Packaging
    The item is packaged back up by the customer or user, either in the original packaging or using other suitable packaging. The item is labelled correctly using the label generated and delivered via SCOPe. This label includes a barcode for tracking its movement and status.
  • Fully Tracked Inventory Management
    SCOPe, provides a full audit trail, from the amount and value of the stock we’re holding for you, right down to its location. Upon return to our warehouse, the package will be scanned and taken to a dedicated team area for processing.
  • UK & International Carrier Logistics
    The package is handed to a carrier partner and scanned so we can track every stage of its journey, knowing when it will arrive and how. Customer is notified and SCOPe also handles email and text updates, providing opportunities for positive customer comms.
  • UK & International Carrier Integration
    Carrier Integration via our API within SCOPe means we’re able to see which carriers are available in the app, which makes our operational activity more organised. Our API facilitates secure integration with all carriers, no matter what system they use.
  • Quality Control
    The item is inspected thoroughly and graded by a team that has been trained to meet your brand’s requirements. Damaged items are sent for repair, recycling or disposal. This information is captured by the warehouse management module in SCOPe.
  • Production Teams
    In retail, you almost want to resell items before you have to refund the original customer. This needs experienced resources who can process the returned item quickly. We recruit and train our own bank of workers through careful selection.
  • Repackaged, Resold, Despatched
    Thanks to the efficiency of our process, items can be quickly and seamlessly sold and sent straight for despatch or to a designated warehouse facility or store. We can set up different workflows for goods, including those that fail quality inspections.
  • Audit Trail & Risk Management
    SCOPe, allows complete visibility of information in real time, including supplier and carrier status and tracking, it’s status during inspection and quality control, its designated workflow and final destination.
  • KPI Tracking
    With full visibility of information available to you in real time, and available to view on any device, we measure and report on our own performance as well as that of all partners in your supply chain.
  • Our returns process is aligned to our environmental policy, which means we do everything possible to reduce/reuse/recycle waste packaging and carrier emissions, and provide user-friendly, accessible reporting digitally rather than on paper.

What do you need from reverse logistics?

In a word: efficiency. Returns are potentially costly because of all the steps required to receive an item back, quality check it, and get it back on sale as quickly as possible.

While it needs the backing of fulfilment system technology (plus automated processed and our API), it also requires the human touch. Getting it wrong is costly. Granby can help you design a returns process that suits your particular business, based around:

  • Packaging that can be resealed and reused
  • A free postage label or carrier collection
  • Inspections and quality checks for returned goods
  • Individual workflows for inspected goods
  • An agreed timeframe for customer refunds

We pay special attention to all the things you rely on, like cash flow, sales and customer satisfaction. The power and accessibility of SCOPe, our fulfilment system that has an enhanced warehouse management module, offers full access to all your data, 24/7.

The response to Census 2021 was fantastic with 97% of households taking part across England and Wales to make sure they are represented when it comes to provision of services like health, education, emergency response and transport. We couldn’t have conducted such a complex operation without a wide range of partners and would like to acknowledge the support given. We thank all our suppliers for helping to make Census 2021 a success.
Pete Benton, Director of Transformation, Office for National Statistics
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The process of reverse logistics

Returning items must be as smooth a process as possible for you and your customers. This keeps costs down, prevents abuse of the system, controls cash flow and gives a great impression of your brand.

The power behind an efficient returns process is the warehouse management system that keeps track of the parcel’s status. SCOPe gives full visibility of reverse logistics information, plus daily updates for high volume sales campaigns.

Think we could partner?

Think we could be the partner for you and are interested in working together? Call us or fill in the contact form and we will get the ball rolling!
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