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Granby join Inspire 25

Inspire 25

Granby is proud to be a member of the Speed of Sight Inspire 25 Club, which is an ever-expanding group of like-minded businesses dedicated to changing the lives of people living with life-limiting disabilities. An ambition close to the heart of Granby as a business.

Mike Newman, Speed of Sight founder

Speed of Sight

Granby first became aware of this incredible organisation after meeting with Mike Newman, John Galloway, and their amazing team from Speed of Sight. The Inspire 25 Club from Speed of Sight allows businesses, large and small, to support and make a difference in the lives of individuals facing life-limiting disabilities. Specifically, this passes on the gift to drive, enabling those who would otherwise be unable to experience driving to do just that, to take part in an amazing, uplifting, and inspiring driving experience.

Caroline and Victoria with Speed of Sight founder, Mike Newman and John Galloway.


Earlier this week, Caroline Noblett and Victoria Pittman of Granby met with John Galloway of Speed Of Sight Charity caught up to talk all things Inspire 25. On the agenda, Granby support for the Inspire 25 initiative that builds on this growing relationship.

Speed of Sight Track Days

You can also experience a Speed of Sight Track Day with fellow Inspire 25 Club members. The magic of Speed of Sight can be experienced at designated member track days throughout the racing calendar. Here are Victoria and Caroline earlier this year enjoying a Track Day.

Victoria and Caroline in buggy

Victoria and Caroline in buggy

Thinking of Joining Inspire 25?

Any business can join this growing community of like-minded businesses from all over the UK who celebrate ability rather than disability. It’s truly inspiring to think that by inspiring just one person, we can help change the world! Joining the Speed of Sight Inspire 25 Club allows us to help make the impossible possible. Let’s come together and make a difference!

Think we could partner?

Think we could be the partner for you and are interested in working together? Call us or fill in the contact form and we will get the ball rolling!