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Victoria and her team of Superfast Super Solutionisers

Super 6 Questions: Victoria Pittman

Today we have the first in an occasional series when we ask team leaders within Granby our Super Six questions. First up, it’s our Head of Client Services and Business Development, Victoria Pittman.

1.    Can you give a very brief overview of your department’s main responsibilities within Granby?

We are a fully engaged and solution focused team charged with supporting existing clients. We constantly manage this performance and look to deliver continuous service improvements.

Is there a specific challenge or opportunity your department is currently facing – that you can share?

Absolutely there is. We have charged ourselves with raising the profile of Social Value, especially in Public Sector projects. We need to educate decision makers in SMEs and PSOs as to opportunities and processes and how to engage more effectively. This will only become more important when the 2023 Procurement Bill passes through Parliament.

What do you enjoy most about the culture and environment in your department?

We are a close knit and resilient team with a beautiful team spirit that shows itself most clearly when we are faced with BIG challenges.

Can you share one memorable moment that made you feel proud to lead this department?

Not one as there are so many. What I really take pride in is the long partnerships our team have built with our clients and the deep personal, as well as professional, connections that have grown from these partnerships.

If your department had a theme song, what would it be and why?

Katy Perry – Roar. Why?

Because as a group we definitely have the eye of the tiger! We are a resilient bunch, and we’ll keep on keeping on until the job’s done. Every time.

If your department could have a superpower, what would it be and how would it benefit the team?

Everything we do, every job, every challenge we face, is ultimately about finding solutions to client challenges. I already think we are Super Solutionisers. So, I’m going to say, Superfast Super Solutionisers.

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