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Kelsey Hall at Lancashire Hot 100 Event

Lancashire Business View Hot 100

Each year, Lancashire Business View celebrate the county’s most profitable SMEs, through a series of events. Granby, one of the Hot 100 were represented by Kelsey Hall last week, as she joined colleagues at a Hot 100 panel event.

LBV Hot 100 Panel Event

This event covered a wide range of issues impacting business. The panel discussed the changing business focus required to maintain and grow profits in response to evolving customer demands. They explored challenges that can hinder the maintenance of competitive advantage and the conversion of profitable opportunities. Additionally, they delved into the increasing significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in driving growth and profit, sharing our experiences and ambitions in this area.

During the session all panel members shared their expertise, examining the importance of presenting their business and brand to multiple stakeholders, including customers, staff, suppliers, job candidates, and funders, and how this impacts long-term profitability. Ultimately, the panel acknowledged that understanding both business purpose and their brands will be crucial to future success.

Healthy Business Outlook

Kelsey was particularly impressed by a one-to-one interview with Adrian Leather who introduced Active Lancashire and Business Health Matters. Adrian shared statistics around health in the county and showed how his own business can introduce a scheme to get everyone more active and healthy. This is something close to Granby’s heart as we also have a big focus on contributing to the health and well-being of individuals within the business and our communities.

People Before Profit

This focus on health of employees is just a part of Granby’s own initiatives for investing in our own team, and Kelsey shared more of Granby’s plans.

“Granby’s strategic goals for 2023, as an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) business, revolve around prioritising people over profit. Our commitment to investing in our workforce is evident through our Stepping Stones programme, which focuses on succession planning to not only add value for our customers but will ensure talent retention. By developing our employees, we aim to foster a culture of growth and ensure the long-term success of our business.” Kelsey Hall

Agile not fragile!

During the session, Kelsey was asked about the common preconceptions that many external observers appear to have about SMEs, specifically the notion that they may not be as flexible and agile as larger organisations. Kelsey highlighted that SMEs are actually well-positioned to be agile and flexible due to their shorter communication channels and faster decision-making processes.

“The empowerment of professionals within Granby further enhances this speed of response and agility without sacrificing the quality of the response”. Kelsey Hall

Kelsey moved on to say

Our business is actively working to challenge and overcome a number of preconceptions. The reality is in recent years we have been able to demonstrate that a well-run, professional, expert and experienced SME, like Granby can deliver for major clients who may not have looked at SMEs before. “Kelsey says “As an SME, we have successfully secured significant projects, such as the COVID survey and the ONS survey, in competition with much bigger businesses”. Kelsey Hall

Overall, a great day, and just one of the many benefits of engaging fully as a business in the life of our Lancashire business community.


Image by Kayleigh Scott

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