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Granby gets top marks in Investors in People Audit!

Granby was visited by the ‘Investors in People’ (IiP) team on the 13 January as part of a renewal audit which was tasked with identifying the changes made within the last 12 months. The logistics and marketing provider was able to show great strides to meet the criteria set by the accreditation provider and a genuine commitment to their employees.  The investors in people were given a chance to interview six different people across the business, each working in distinct roles to analyse their individual experience as employees at Granby marketing.

In a report disclosed to Granby by the ‘Investors in People’, they were able to identify that:

  • Granby is particularly good at utilising the input from the team and actively encourage team away days to shape business strategies.
  • The leadership at Granby is excellent; team leaders show a demonstrable commitment to talent development through investment in apprenticeships and support people through the Granby Academy to gain recognised qualifications.
  • People throughout the team had a clear understanding of what was expected of them in relation to standards, quality, and output.

In my time here I’ve been given lots of opportunities to progress

Interviewers from the IiP were able to identify that Granby has an ‘effective strategic approach to people management’.

  • According to their research and interview data, Granby has a focus on high performance which includes the utilisation of key performance indicators covering factors such as safety, quality, finance, and the environment.
  • Their learning and development strategy is aligned to business imperatives (such as safety and customer service) and is designed to build the capability and flexibility of the workforce.
  • They have structured, well embedded processes for recruitment and induction.
  • They are continuing to show a demonstrable commitment to talent development through the Granby Academy.

We work well as a team – everyone is on the same page

Based on feedback from the previous year, Granby also took action to implement several new practices to further support their workforce.

  • They have continued to develop agile working practices through the introduction of remote working contracts for some staff.
  • Using two staff surveys, Granby was able to illicit feedback from staff to better direct resources and support.
  • They enhanced their approach to generating social value by developing practices relating to disability awareness and mental health in the workplace (including a trained Mental Health First Aider).
  • Granby has continued to adapt their safety procedures and protocols in line with the pandemic

Here is what employees had to say when asked about how they feel working at Granby,

  • “We work well as a team – everyone is on the same page”
  • “The values are important to everything we do here”
  • “It’s one of the best places I’ve ever worked – everyone is friendly and there are no cliques”
  • “It’s a really good place to work – I always feel supported”
  • “In my time here I’ve been given lots of opportunities to progress”

The Investors in People team were happy to hear high levels of positivity in discussions with employees in relation to their satisfaction, motivation, and association factors.

Employees said:

  • Senior leaders are approachable and have a hands-on approach with supporting the teams.
  • Line managers are excellent at organising work, team building and providing constructive feedback on performance
  • The core values of the business are reflected within the company culture.
  • They have been successfully onboarded through thorough, structured induction programmes and individual training plans.
  • They have been able to engage in relevant training activities such as Excel, forklift truck, fire marshal, international dispatch procedures and placing and tracking orders.
  • Their contribution to the success of the company has been consistently recognised via Employee of the Month and Year awards as well as through verbal feedback.
  • There is a strong commitment to the safety, health, and wellbeing of the workforce.
  • PDRs have enabled them to agree individual objectives and have provided them with a clear understanding of what is expected of them in relation to standards, quality, and output.

Granby is very happy that the Investors in People were able to recognise the hard work they have put in to support each employee develop their skills and to establish a friendly and warm workplace environment. They were able to show they are meeting the criteria established by the ‘IiP’ accreditation and as such, have had it extended.

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