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Granby introduces support package for employees to boost well-being

Joanne KimberGranby employees and their families now have access to a wide range of support, thanks to the launch of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

The EAP is designed to help people deal with personal and professional problems that could be affecting their home life or work life, health, or general wellbeing.

Our employees have access to a wide range of useful, confidential services. Their partners can access selected services too, as can children aged 16-24, who are in full-time education and living in the same household. These include:

  • Counselling and a pathway to structured therapy sessions for better mental health
  • Legal information on issues like debt management, property and neighbour disputes
  • Bereavement support from grief counsellors and legal advisors on related matters
  • Qualified nurses offering information and advice on medical or health-related issues
  • A range of Online CBT self-help modules, informative fact sheets and videos

Managing Director Joanne Kimber said: “Granby has recently become an employee-owned business, which offers our employees more stability and engagement in the company. We’ll continue to put people first with initiatives like this, which also help.

“It’s a confidential service handled by a third-party specialist, but we get anonymised data and this shows that people are using it – so it’s already making a difference.”

Another example of how the EAP can be helpful is when someone is off sick with a mental health issue. The EAP can create a pathway to help get them back to work.

“Without proper support,” Joanne added, “it can get to a point where it feels easier not to come back. They can slip through the net. We want them to come back, we want to help.”

Just the beginning

Granby is an Investors in People 3PL business, is on the way to becoming a Disability Confident employer, and also in the process of reviewing our Social Value Well-being policy to see how else the business can be aligned.

“Putting people before profit is important to us,” Joanne said. “We include well-being tips in our internal newsletter, and we invest in training for our line managers, so they have the right tools to support their teams.

“The implementation of EAP goes a long way – but there’s more to do. Genuine support doesn’t stop at tips and aspirational statements – it’s meatier and it has to work for everyone.”

Read more about Granby’s Investors in People commitment, how we’re becoming a Disability Confident employer, and Social Value Well-being policy.

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