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Granby helps ignite county’s economy as a Lancs ‘most profitable’ SME

Granby helps ignite county’s economy as a Lancs ‘most profitable’ SME

Next month (September), we’ll be proudly attending an exclusive breakfast along with the other 99 members of the Hot 100  to celebrate our achievements.

Granby has made the list for the first time, taking a seat at Number 94 and flying the flag for businesses in Blackburn.

Our Managing Director, Jo Kimber (pictured) said: “The last couple of years have been extraordinary and it’s amazing to get this recognition. We delivered some very large projects for our clients during this period – like Census 2021, for example. 

“We invested heavily in our fulfilment system [SCOPe] to enhance several modules, including warehouse management and customer service. This enhanced our capabilities and allowed us to keep delivering for our clients.”

A ‘roll call of true grit’

The Hot 100 list is compiled by Lancashire Business View (LBV), which described this year’s list as ‘evidence of the resilient mindset of Lancashire businesses’ and a ‘roll call of true grit and determination’.

The SMEs on the list have generated around £290 million profits in the last year and supported, despite the challenges of Brexit, the pandemic and price rises. New entrants to the list, including Granby, have generated overall profits of £118 million and provided employment for 4,324 people.

On the LBV website, the magazine’s publisher Richard Slater said: “This is a Hot 100 like no other, compiled as we still grapple with the impact of the pandemic that, as our research shows, has had an impact from day one on businesses in all sectors.

“Yet, what shines through is the determination of Lancashire businesses to keep moving forward, whatever the challenges and obstacles they find in front of them.”

Granby isn’t the only SME to have burst onto the list from last year – around a third are new entries and some have been listed previously.

“I’m looking forward to the event,” Jo added. “It’s always enjoyable, productive and thought-provoking when local business people get together like this.”

As well as breakfast, the event will include a panel discussion with Hot 100 companies plus a live one-to-one interview with an undisclosed top Hot 100 business.

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