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5 winning promotional marketing tactics for right now!

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Stuck for inspiration? Do your campaigns feel jaded or like they’re missing a trick? Summer’s silly season is coming up and that can be tough too, we know. To help, we’ve put together a shortlist of promotional marketing winners that you can use right now!

To be honest, they’re also evergreen tactics that will stand you in good stead at any time. Let’s frame them in trends right now for a little extra inspiration!

1. Personalisation

First off – it’s June, which means you can legitimately start thinking about Christmas. From a personalisation perspective, did you see our evergreen guide to Advent calendars? If you can create a winning idea for an Advent calendar linked to your products or services, we can create the beautiful, personalised packaging that embodies it.

Personalisation comes in many forms, suitable for all times of year – product fulfilment and gifting to name just two. We have the facilities to custom print names and messages as part of the fulfilment process, or add a branded sleeve, neither of which hike the price as you might think.

Hot right now: design-your-own products like Frank Green’s bottles.

2. Subscriptions

A quick search on Google Trends will show you that subscriptions have always been popular, though a little more so since the pandemic lockdown of March 2020. Subscription boxes for food, cosmetics, alcohol, even loo roll are good value for money in the eyes of your customers – at a time when everyone’s got their eye on their disposable income.

Subscription box fulfilment can be combined with personalisation for an extra special customer experience but even without, they remain a delight to receive. Ask us about packaging that can be engineered to be practical for shipping, yet retains that wow factor. For extra points from your customers, check out our next tip – sustainability.

Hot right now: Promotions with a subscription reward, like a recent one by Nespresso.

3. Sustainability

Your values as a brand make you stand out from competitors and Net Zero is on everyone’s lips. Many consumers are very conscious about where they spend their money and want brands to be actively eco-conscious. Could you improve your sustainability credentials to and attract more customers – and loyal ones at that?

Packaging and product fulfilment can make a bigger impact on your sustainability goals than you might think. A huge impact, really. Start with banning single use plastics, sourcing sustainable 3PL materials, packaging that reduces waste and shipping weight, use vegetable inks and other sustainable print materials and processes. Read more about our sustainable business services.

Hot right now: Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified stock.

4. Experiential

Experiential marketing remains a highly effective way to keep your brand front of mind and create a feel-good relationship with your products. Free gifts, discounts, demonstrations and sampling campaigns – in-store and online – can invigorate a wider campaign or stand on their own.

Bring other winning tactics like sustainability and personalisation into your experiential marketing, and you’ll boost your customer credentials too. Experiential kitting and POS can be complex, so make sure you’re backed by a fulfilment company (like Granby!) that understands the needs of you, your field teams and your customers. We’ll use our experience to help make sure theirs is exceptional.

Hot right now: in-store sampling.

5. Cost – added value

Above, we mentioned how subscription boxes are good value – this includes Advent calendars, incidentally. When customers buy a curated selection of products in one gorgeous package, they expect that its value will exceed its cost. This includes what it means to them – the feeling they get when they receive it, open it, use it and reuse an attractive box when the products are long gone.

Added value is part of your strategy. Forget the budget for a moment – brainstorm your hearts out, fly right out there with the Blue Sky Thinking! Then speak to us about how we can make it happen. We’ll probably throw a few more ideas into the mix as well. Crucially, we’ll help you make the best use of your budget – no cutting corners, no devaluing your brand.

Hot right now: packaging so gorgeous and well-made it can be kept and used for something else.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


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