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Case Study

Frank Green: B2C & B2B fulfilment

Collation and 3PL fulfilment of personalised, sustainable products

Frank Green creates beautifully designed, functional and award-winning cups and bottles that customers love to use and re-use. Granby provides the technology and expertise to fulfil orders to customers and businesses, while upholding the client’s high benchmark for sustainability.


This Australian brand has a big sustainability story to tell. Frank Green wants to reduce single-use plastic waste by reimagining cups and bottles. Its mission is to create lifestyle solutions that are built to last and great for the planet.

From its e-commerce website, customers can personalise their item and have it delivered to their doorstep. Stores can take delivery of products in a wide range of designs that look great on the shelf. Granby fulfils both B2C and B2B customers on behalf of Frank Green, directly from its website and via distributor orders with input from the client.

  • 3PL API between the client’s Shopify website and our fulfilment system triggers product collation and despatch.
  • 703,621 components (698 SKUs) stored in our warehouse in 100s of design, colour and size combinations.
  • Client has their own dashboard on our inventory management system, OrderSure, to check component stock, reorder and produce reports.
  • Average of 29,052 unique customer orders fulfilled YTD in 2022 in the brand’s own sustainable packaging. 24,311 of these were B2C orders.
  • A total of 343,616 unique products were fulfilled YTD in 2022.
  • Average of 396 B2B deliveries despatched via the client’s UK and EU distributors in a range of design combinations.
  • Large B2B orders packaged in a bespoke way to ensure safe delivery, minimising carrier costs and meeting sustainability objectives.
  • Sustainability policing – supporting the client’s policy that components should be transported throughout the supply chain without single use plastics.
Granby fulfils both our B2B & B2C orders, which are dealt with efficiently. We do have a complicated aspect to our products, which allows our clients a fantastic opportunity to be unique with their choices, mix and matching colours, sizes and so on. This is certainly a tricky component and Granby are professional about dealing with this additional complication.
Charley Coulton, Head of Sales & Ops at Frank Green

How Granby deploy Frank Green’s fulfilment

  • Granby is an award-winning 3PL company, but we started out in promotional marketing – so we bring decades of experience to the table.
  • Our business model is founded on a commitment to investing in our people as well as our technology, both of which give our clients the edge they need.

We’ve been working with Frank Green since 2017. Our partnership began quite simply, but the brand has proven immensely successful and now we handle 283 different SKUs and collate thousands of different combinations.

The complexity of this 3PL fulfilment contract is the customisable design of the cups, bottle and homeware products. There are a great many potential combinations of size and colour for the type, base, lid and button (and sometimes a spout, straw and limited edition features and accessories).

Frank Green’s homeware products also come in a range of materials, like durable ceramic, long-lasting stainless steel and a fully recyclable co-polymer. Each order is completely unique and the ranges have many variations – there are no consistencies or trends that can inform the fulfilment.

It wouldn’t make sense to warehouse such a vast number of design choices, so we store the separate components. Once we receive the customer’s order via our fulfilment system (SCOPe) API, we collate it, place it in its branded Frank Green packaging, and despatch it.

We also fulfil gifting collations and retail distributor orders. High street stores want an attractive selection with wide appeal; we take guidance from our client on much-loved combinations to fulfil these, though the stores themselves can specify if they wish.

(Beki) our main contact, is efficient, a hard worker and thinks outside the box. She is often offering solutions - in our weekly meetings and in general - being proactive and making suggestions of how best to move forward, which is much appreciated.
Charley Coulton, Head of Sales & Ops at Frank Green


Frank Green’s business is founded on products that are environmentally friendly. While they supply their own sustainable packaging for B2C customers, for gifting and high street store orders, we provide suitable sustainable packaging – recyclable cardboard that is FSC certified, paper tape, shredded cardboard fill – no single use plastics. We encourage the entire supply chain to be diligent over sustainability too.

As their stock ships from Australia, it’s imperative for this brand to have a foothold in the UK and the EU. We’ve helped them eliminate barriers to the EU following Brexit, particularly around red tape.

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