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How Scottish Psychedelic Band, The Shamen, help our Operations team “Do the Doing”.

Today we have the latest in our series asking team leaders within Granby our Super Six questions. This week, it’s Andrew Gregson, Operations Director.

Can you give a very brief overview of your department’s main responsibilities within Granby?

Operations – we do the doing, whatever is put our way we do in an efficient and timely manner.

Is there a specific challenge or opportunity your department is currently facing – that you can share?

Every day at Granby offers a new and fresh challenge for each of us and how we adapt to this is what makes us great at what we do. The unknown nature of each challenge is part of the job.

What do you enjoy most about the culture and environment in your department?

The people are what makes Granby what it is, great team spirit where everyone works for each other.

Can you share one memorable moment that made you feel proud to lead this department?

Too many to mention as there have been so many during my 23 years working here which in itself is pretty memorable.

If your department had a theme song, what would it be and why?

It’s a track from The Shamen, a Scottish Psychedelic band. The track is ‘Progen’ although it’s better known as ‘Move any Mountain’.

As the lyrics say, “Faith is so strong now nothing shall bar my way, Firm conviction is no fiction, This is my day, I can move, move, move any mountain.” That is definitely a feeling embraced by everyone in the team.

If your department could have a superpower, what would it be and how would it benefit the team?

The ability to read people’s minds!  It would definitely help sometimes to know what it is that someone wants before you start.

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