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Ready, Mindset, Go!

Succession Planning and Stepping Stones

At Granby, we know the creation of a long-term succession plan is a key part of running our business. And so, as a leading employee-owned business, we are working through a tailored Stepping Stones training programme for our Rising Stars.

This programme is aimed at identifying the next generation of leaders across all functions within the company.

Last Friday, we held the second of our Stepping Stones training sessions, again with Rachel Haslam of Team Academy and this time delving into the fascinating topic of ‘Mind Set’.

The Right Mindset

The group discussed how mindset influences behaviours and shapes actions. It’s crucial to understand the power of thoughts and beliefs in determining outcomes. The group explored the importance of focusing time and energy on things they can control, rather than getting caught up in concerns they cannot change, and learned techniques to break down these concerns into actionable steps.

Fascinating Insights

There were many aspects of the day that the group found fascinating:

 “Understanding and accepting that thoughts have a significant impact on our mindset, and how learning to manage them can lead to a more positive outlook.” Kayleigh Scott

  • Managing their own internal voice and finding ways to transform negative thinking into positive thinking.
  • Biochemistry and how it affects mood. Understanding the connection between brain chemistry and mindset can help navigate challenges more effectively.
  • Positive Mindset. The group picked up practical strategies for cultivating a more positive mindset. Techniques that can be applied to foster personal growth and resilience.
  • Growth Mindset. The concept of a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset was also explored and how embracing a growth mindset allows for continuous learning and development.
  • Finally, the team discussed effective phrasing and ways to encourage positivity in others. By using language that uplifts and motivates, anyone can help create a more supportive and empowering environment.

As you can see, these are very much working sessions, with Kayleigh, Niamh, Lisa and Dillon prepared to get down their knees when needed!

Kayleigh Scott said “Overall, it was an incredibly enriching session, packed with valuable insights and practical takeaways.”

They did have the help of Spud, a four-legged friend, for the more stressful tasks!

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