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How packaging can enhance your customer experience


Every company has to think carefully about how to market their product. This includes the way it is displayed on their website, all the way through to choosing the right target audience. However, what many companies fail to consider is the importance of packaging. When the postman hands your customer their new parcel, the first thing they will see is the packaging, and first impressions really do matter. It’s therefore vital that you get the packaging right. Below, our packing experts have shared how the right packaging can enhance customer experience.

Make it personal

Personalisation is key to selling your brand and keeping your customer happy. Adding that little personal touch will show that you have gone the extra mile in customer care. Add a personalised message in the box, or use patterned paper with the company logo.

Make the parcel easy to open

None of us are impressed when we have to resort to the kitchen knife to open our stubborn parcel, destroying the box in the process. The packaging should be fairly easy to open, with no ripping of cardboard or paper involved. You want the packaging to be left intact so that it can be photographed and posted on Instagram and Twitter.

Keep your product safe and sound

Your product will need to be safely and securely packaged so that it arrives damage-free (think corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap and air cushions). A package that has been damaged in transit will not leave a positive impression on your customer, and may result in them no longer wishing to buy your products in the future.

Personal and professional print

The print on the packaging must be clear and professional looking. You want your choice of packaging to match your company brand and image. So, be sure to create a print that is a little different. Use packaging that has your company logo stamped on it in the form of an eye-catching pattern.

They will continue to buy your products

When a customer receives your product that has been wrapped and packaged with care, features a personalised message and is easy to open, you can pretty much guarantee that they will buy from you again. This positive customer experience will be shared with friends, while photos of the product will be posted online, helping to attract even more customers.

Choose your packaging carefully, so that you keep your customers happy while enticing new customers to your brand. Our team are happy to talk through various contract packing solutions with you, including packaging design and print – don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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