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How realtime data and MI bring clarity and control to promotional campaigns

This autumn, we’ve begun launching promotional marketing campaigns that utilise unique new 3PL technology to ensure our clients and their customers get their needs met.

It’s the first time Granby’s API has been used to deliver realtime data and management information in this way – a real game-changer for brands that place their customers front and foremost.

Traditional problems with forecasting promotional marketing redemption

The more information we can place in the hands of marketing teams, the better. It keeps the brand’s responses flexible, agile and timely.

But it’s notoriously difficult to forecast what the response will be to any campaign:

  • While historical data can be a good indicator of what the speed and volume of response will be, knowing exactly what’s happening is true power and control.
  • The usual data feeds are only updated intermittently, so there’s always a risk that things move too fast for you to wrestle back control .

The ideal is realtime information:

  • The visibility of critical information as-it-happens gives you the ability to assess and respond.
  • It allows you to revise the redemption curve forecast by comparing the historical data to the realtime response and plotting the new trajectory.
  • If the response is greater than has been forecast, you can respond with resources.

The API provides instant answers

Our API allows information to pass seamlessly between us and our client. It gives us early visibility – no waiting for a daily report – which means we can plan and respond, allocating reources appropriately and scaling operarions quickly.

This visibility of critical management information helps marketeers accurately answer questions like:

  • How many units assembled in pre-collation are left?
  • How many requests have been processed?
  • How many rewards have been despatched?
  • Do we need more resources, including customer service?
  • Is the carrier able to handle increased volumes?
  • Will we run out? Does the new forecast predict we need more rewards?
  • Should we end a campaign sooner than planned?

The API supports the entire fulfilment process

For maximum impact, the API is integrated with our fulfilment system, SCOPe. This works very well because, as a 3PL partner, Granby is central to getting your product to your customer. We hold the implementation plan, facilitating excellent communication and planning between our clients, gift manufacturer, packaging supplier and carrier.

So, with the backing of SCOPe and the API, we can:

  • Organise and sign off the packaging
  • Work with manufacturer and client to QA the product
  • Organise the carrier, including fluctuating requirements
  • Agree details like personalisation, batch control and SLA
  • Optimise regular operational calls with our client

What next?

Our API is now available to all clients. Because it integrates with SCOPe, which is fully customisable, it can be used to support any kind of promotional marketing fulfilment project. We’re happy to talk – get in touch if you’d like to run through how it can be used to help yours.

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

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