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From promotion to devotion

Winning retail strategies for the digital age


The final part of our whitepaper

Making redemption quick & easy

We’re in an exciting test and learn period for retail and the promotions industry.

Though the need to offer high value, compelling prizes and make it easy for consumers to claim rewards remains unchanged, the winning methodology has shifted, thanks to the proliferation of technology and the inexorable rise of instant gratification.

Offering redemption in as little as 15 minutes for digital rewards, and dispatch of a physical gift in under 24 hours helps reconcile these demands.

Our research found that offering instant digital rewards made 66% of consumers more likely to buy a buy a product

The high street is changing, and the in-store experience is evolving, but brands must not make the mistake of thinking that channels are isolated from one another; they are connected and inter-dependent.

This means that creative integrated marketing campaigns, which must include shopper insights and promotional marketing tactics, will improve results.

Reinforce familiar purchasing patterns

Brands can drive sales in-store and promotional redemption by reinforcing familiar purchasing patterns with new technologies.

Near Field Communication, QR codes and SwiftReceipt fit seamlessly into this, utilising everyday items and habits to achieve a better result for brand and consumer alike. Claiming compelling prizes is easier than ever for consumers, and delivering digital rewards is almost instantaneous.

The winning methodology has shifted thanks to technology and instant gratification

There’s huge scope for brands to take better advantage of how appealing promotions are. By using insights outlined in this report alongside their own data, brands can offer the rewards that their customers truly want and deliver a great experience.

  • Winning retail strategies for the digital age

Download the whitepaper

Open the PDF in your browser and save it to your desktop for future reference. Feel free to get in touch and ask us anything you’re curious about.

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Powered by AI, Swift Receipt takes less than 20 seconds for customer data to be captured and proof of purchase to be validated.

It’s the perfect tech for promotional marketing projects and loyalty programmes – efficient, accurate and GDPR compliant.

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"We are constantly being bombarded with offers, content and messages, so the challenge now isn’t just to cut through the noise, but also ensure the redemption process is quick, easy and uses the technology we have all become familiar with" - Joanne Kimber, Managing Director, Granby & Swift Receipt.