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Promotional Marketing


SwiftReceipt, helping you reward shoppers instantly through instant proof of purchase validation.

The power of promotional marketing remains a key strategy in a marketeer’s toolkit, the proliferation of media channels, advancement of technologies and improvements in connectivity means it’s tougher than ever for brands to reach an audience of always connected, always on individuals.

We need to cut through the noise with the creative strategy and make the redemption journey as quick and easy as possible to meeting society’s desire for instant gratification and to experience fulfilment without delay.

With many campaigns requiring proof of purchase validation, this is where SwiftReceipt can really help your campaign deliver a swift, yet robust, customer experience.

Reading and validating a receipt in seconds means we can provide instant customer communication and rewards whilst protecting the integrity of the campaign mechanic. The speed of validation also makes SwiftReceipt an incredibly useful tool in the creation and management of loyalty campaigns.

Call us today to find out how SwiftReceipt can be built into your next promotional, shopper, loyalty or experiential campaign.

How can we help you?

  • Campaign set up & project management
  • Digital / technical development
  • API integration
  • SMS / email platforms
  • Data capture & Data management
  • Hosting
  • Customer communications
  • Multi-channel customer services
  • Reward sourcing
  • Handling & fulfilment

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