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Rethinking Shopper Marketing With SwiftReceipt


When was the last time you heard the term ‘Shopper Marketing’? I’m sure you’d struggle for an off-the-cuff definition, which is why we have one ready for you. Shopper marketing can be defined as the process of understanding shoppers and their behaviour in order to develop a marketing mix which influences their behaviour in such a way as to positively impact the consumption of a brand.

When it comes to shopper marketing in physical stores, UK retailers have been struggling to accurately gauge and respond to changing consumer habits, which is why many retailers have struggled to capture consumer interest. Last year was the worst on record for British retail, with sales falling for the first time in 24 years as a dire performance on the high street dragged down the industry. Total sales slipped by 0.1% in 2019, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and advisory firm KPMG, the lowest since they began monitoring the sector in 1995 (The Guardian).

Shopper marketing clearly needs to be revisited by physical stores, and with more than 12% of stores now standing empty (Local Data Company), the pace of closures is likely to continue if retailers carry on bearing the brunt of the consumer shift towards the online shopping space. Shopper marketing strategies need to be evolving on a consistent basis to adapt to changing shopper preferences. Having said that, we need to know where shopper marketing is going first.

Where is Shopper Marketing Going?

Shoppers of today are better-informed and less brand loyal than their predecessors. In our digital age, shoppers have access to all of the information they need to make informed purchase decisions. The online space is beginning to disrupt traditional buying patterns, and consumer priorities are changing with the times.

In order for retailers to keep up, they need to be able to uncover shopping insights and turn these insights into opportunities to deliver growth and close more sales. Shopper marketing has become an experience-based principle and focuses heavily on the whole experience journey of a shopper.

This experience journey can be made more relatable and convenient for shoppers by appealing to their use of smartphones. An estimated 10 billion mobile-connected devices are currently in use, and roughly 79% of smartphones users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months. Shopper marketing has to change alongside these habits, and the experience needs to be straightforward and seamless at each step.

Rethinking Shopper Marketing with SwiftReceipt

Shopper marketing, when done right, can drive both sales and brand equity, and the best shopper marketing campaigns use a variety of tactics to appeal to shoppers at multiple points throughout their path-to-purchase. By using SwiftReceipt, you can identify which aspects of your shopper marketing strategy are working most effectively, as it offers retailers a best-in-class data capture mechanism, meaning that brands who use it will be armed with important information about shopper trends, along with other vital consumer data. This will make it easier for physical retailers to target customers and cross-sell multiple brands and categories.

The way it works is simple: Your shopper buys the promoted product, they snap a photo of the receipt and send it over to SwiftReceipt, after which the shopper is instantly given their digital reward or a physical reward that will be dispatched within 24 hours. It is also optimised for mobiles, allowing for great user experience at every touchpoint. This can help retailers better reach their shoppers in-store, as the ability to instantly validate promotional offers is enough of an incentive for shoppers to make a purchase there and then, especially if this can be done in a few seconds on a smartphone.

Ultimately, SwiftReceipt is incredibly useful in enabling retailers to tackle shopper marketing in a new way that is more successful in appealing to today’s shoppers. It not only helps retailers gather data but to leverage the data they already have, allowing them to rethink their shopper marketing strategies with accurate, actionable data. By efficiently using the data related to your products and services, you can focus on how to craft the ideal shopper experience for your target market with up-to-date, accurate shopper insights.

Shopper marketing is changing, and in-store experiences are evolving. Brands can drive sales in-store with promotional redemption by reinforcing familiar purchasing patterns with new technologies. NFCQR codes and SwiftReceipt are a perfect fit for this, as they utilise everyday items and habits to achieve a better result for brands and consumers alike.

You can learn more about SwiftReceipt on our website, where we also shed some more light on promotional marketing strategies that your brand can implement starting from today!

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