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How ad agencies can super-power promotional marketing campaign reporting

Creative agencies are increasingly partnering with fulfilment partners that can provide comprehensive granular data to improve their campaign reporting.

It’s the perfect pairing – a partner offering fulfilment services has already invested in the powerful infrastructure required to acquire and analyse such data.

The need and availability of mission-critical data

Creative agencies sometimes struggle to validate the success of their promotional marketing campaigns. It’s an historical bug bear – many haven’t had the investment into technical infrastructure that gathers granular details that clients want.

And, in our Big Data world, clients are increasingly demanding this granular information – not just monthly or weekly, but daily. Does it sound familiar? What’s an agency to do?

Many are enlisting fulfilment partners whose business is organised around a robust data framework; the right data, easily obtained and always up-to-date on the performance of the promotional campaign.

In fact, up-to-the-minute, if they’re really good.

Fulfilment system data example

We built our fulfilment system precisely because of agencies’ need for data for promotional campaigns.

The features available in SCOPe have been developed and refined over time to give our clients and partner agencies full visibility in real time – and to make reporting a pleasure.

In a broad sense, SCOPe helps you plan, manage and review promotional marketing campaigns, no matter how complex your requirements – you can track the data across multiple channels too.

What features are essential for promotional campaigns?

Everyone gets a SCOPe login to their campaign portal, so all parties can see what’s happening in real time. This means, if tweaking or sweeping changes need to be executed to optimise sales or other customer reponses, the data will show the way.

The information you need for reporting should be comprehensive and usable. SCOPe makes it really easy to filter results and get to the data you need.

If you aren’t getting the benefits of this list, you’re missing out:

  • Full visibility and transparency
  • Everything in one place
  • Realtime MI reports
  • Quick order cart
  • Stock management
  • Contract packing management
  • Automation
  • Secure login
  • Mobile device-ready
  • Realtime KPIs

With this kind of data at your fingertips, it’s almost like being in the warehouse with us and seeing what we’re seeing.

An example of using SCOPe data in reporting

We’ve been working recently with the ad agency for a global children’s toy manufacturer. Their promotional campaign requires the efficient validation of customer purchase. Once the purchase has been validated, this triggers our fulfilment service.

This redemption is provided by Swift Receipt, which works in tandem with SCOPe on promotional campaigns.

The redemption data is available in real-time and can be used to forecast sales, not only for the entire campaign but by retailer. It shows which channels are getting the best responses, so budgets can be redistributed if some are outperforming expectations.

SCOPe allows the client to check stock in real time, too, so they can see if they have enough to fulfil demand. If not, they can order more components and collation from their dashboard.

For monthly meetings or key campaign updates to the client, we export the data on the agreed KPIs and channels and hand it to the ad agency. They brand it up and it’s ready to go.


SwiftReceipt is the leading redemption tool for promotional marketing campaigns. It’s not a SCOPe module but is often required to work with OrderSure, which is. Powered by AI, SwiftReceipt is efficient, accurate and GDPR compliant. It captures customer data and validates proof-of-purchase in less than 20 seconds.

The future of campaign data analytics

We’ve seen many of our agency partners diversify, especially in lockdown, as they seek new sales channels for their clients. We find ourselves in an even tougher marketplace for all sectors, and it’s evolving fast. Data will be key.

A robust fulfilment system like SCOPe, with its finger on the pulse of the campaign and its eye on even the smallest detail, is going to become the difference between success and failure of promotional campaigns.

If you’d like to talk to us about bringing clarity and simplicity to your data reporting, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Photo by Jud Mackrill on Unsplash

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