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Social Value is now THE key differentiator in winning business

When it comes to preparing the Social Value elements of contract bids, our Client Relationship Manager, Kayleigh Scott says businesses need to not only think local, but hyperlocal.

Kayleigh Scott, one of Granby's Client Relationship Managers, on our stand at the Procurement Reform Conference 2023

Our Client Relationship Manager, Kayleigh Scott, recently attended a webinar organised by bid specialists Contracts Advance. This focused on the growing importance of delivering Social Value within bids.

And guess what?

It’s now not just local, but hyperlocal initiatives taking centre stage!

This shift in emphasis reflects the lessons learned over the past couple of years. Businesses are now expected to contribute towards local communities in more meaningful ways. And procurement teams are not after generalities but are looking for evidence of specific initiatives that benefit local communities. Examples of which include committing to 1 or 2 apprenticeships each year.

Build Social Values into Bids

At Granby, we’ve always incorporated social value into our philosophy. We know that Social Value initiatives make public sector expenditure go further and do more. And this perfectly aligns with our own business approach. We have always taken pride in our creativity, experience and technology. All tools we use to help clients achieve the results they need.

“This webinar reinforced what we at Granby have learned on the ground. That Social Value is now the key differentiator in winning business. In fact, we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for demonstrable social value actions within bids. We’re thrilled we can make a positive contribution to our local communities. And we’re committed to making Social Value part of our bids moving forward”.

Kayleigh Scott, Client Relationship Manager

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