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Red Rose Award Winners. Workshop.

Granby are delighted to have been a part of the Red Rose Award winners peer group working session this week. Organised by Community Business Partners (CBP) we attended along with other winners from the Red Rose Awards 2023. This first Session was all about Health & Wellbeing.

The Value of Team Games

This morning session focused on Health and Well-being. A perfectly timed event, as this week is Mental Health Awareness Week. We were represented by our Director of People and Finance, Caroline Noblett.

Granby's Finance Director Caroline NoblettThe session was led by Six Connections, a previous winner of a Red Rose Award. To kick things off, a brief warm-up session involving a balloon race. This showed  just how easy it is to take a break from the stresses of work by engaging in simple games and working together as a team.

“Mental Health “and “Well-Being”

The second part of the session looked at issues related to mental health and well-being in a personal and professional capacity. There was a clear focus on the words “Mental Health” and “Well-being”. The focus here was on how these two words could and should be linked together. A key output from the session was recognising that poor mental health does not equate to having a mental illness.  As we look to remove any stigma associated with mental health this is massively important.

Granby – Prioritising People

Granby have invested in this space for a long time and has several initiatives in place that focus on creating an open and compassionate work environment. It is no accident that since becoming an employee-owned business, we talk of prioritising our people before profit.

We believe it is by monitoring well-being indicators, investing in training, and adopting proven best practices we can best support our staff.

Granby aligns itself with the World Health Organisation’s definition of mental health, which states “mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realises their own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to their community.”

We have also adopted the best practices set out in the Mental Health at Work framework. This aims to empower staff members to express themselves and feel part of a collaborative, safe, and nurturing environment.

The Next Peer Group Session: Marketing

Granby’s Head of Client Services / Business Development, Victoria Pittman, is attending the next CBP Red Rose Award Winners peer group session. This will focus on marketing. Victoria Pittman, Head of Client Services and Business Development, Granby

Caroline Noblett, our Director of People and Finance, said “Through participation in the Red Rose Awards winners peer group working sessions, we hope to share our knowledge and learn from other companies in the North West. This session was terrific and I’m sure the next, on Marketing, will be just as successful. I know that Victoria will love it!”

Final Thought

One final thought, mental health awareness cannot just be a focus for one week a year. We focus on providing a year-round culture of well-being and support in the workplace.

Further Resources

Six Connections led the session and provided a wealth of resources including  Hub of Hope, that outlined mental health support available in your own area, just enter a postcode and you can see available resources.

They shared a powerful YouTube video about the movement they are trying to create. 

Granby Social Value and Well-Being 


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