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Granby’s Carbon Footprint report 2022

Vehicle emitting exhaust fumes - carbon neutral reportAs a leading 3PL business, we understand how our activities might have a negative impact on the environment. We also appreciate that we have the power to use our experience, knowledge and partnerships to influence positive change and innovation in our sector, across the supply chain, and for our clients.

For the past two years, our Net Zero working group has been researching, planning and driving carbon reduction in our business.

Results overview

  • In 2020, we committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050.
  • To fulfil this commitment, we aimed to reduce output emissions by 40% by 2025.
  • Just 2 years in, we’re more than halfway to our initial goal.
  • This equates to a CO2 reduction of 25.4% from our 2020 benchmark.

Our 2022 carbon data

  • 2022 = 97.78t
  • 2021 = 131.06t

CO2 reduction of 25.4% between 2020 and 2022

The context for carbon reporting

We compile our figures by using the number of minutes worked throughout the year against our carbon output.

  • 2022 Total minutes worked: 7,467,656 / 97.8 = net figure 1.30
  • 2021 Total minutes worked: 6,337,710 / 131.06 = net figure 2.067
  • 2020 Total minutes worked: 3,583,825 / 10.63 = standardised figure 2.96

By using this sum, the 2022 total shows a 37% decrease in the final net value, due to an increase in working hours and a decrease in energy used.

We believe sustainable practices are an opportunity for business and the public sector, not a limitation.

Conversion factors

The 2022 conversion factors used to create the final kg figure were:

  • Diesel – Unit quantity x 2.56 = 2000 x 2.56 = 5,120kg
  • Electricity – Unit quantity x 0.19338 = 282582 x 0.19338 = 54,645.7kg
  • Gas – Unit quantity x 2.02 = 18747 x 2.02 = 37,868.9kg
  • Hotel – Unit quantity (10.4) x night stays per person = 10.4 x 15 = 156kg

The total weight of carbon produced by Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions = 97,789kg / 97.78t.

Scope 1 Direct Emission Sources

  • Fuel combustion (gas)
  • Company vehicles fuel
  • Fork lift trucks

Scope 2 Indirect Emission Sources

  • Purchased electricity for business use

Sustainable practices – opportunity, not limitation

Since the 2015, Paris Agreement, the UK, the EU and other countries have enshrined it in law, with many aiming for 2050.

Net Zero means cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible. Its aim is to prevent catastrophic impact from climate change and, as the UN puts it, “preserve a livable planet”. It’s a goal for everyone.

We believe sustainable practices are an opportunity for business and the public sector, not a limitation.

“The science shows clearly that in order to avert the worst impacts of climate change and preserve a livable planet, global temperature increase needs to be limited to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels… emissions need to be reduced by 45% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050.”

United Nations – Net Zero Coalition

Social Value and carbon neutrality

Granby is a member of public sector procurement frameworks like KCS, for a range of 3PL services including fulfilment, kitting, reverse logistics and asset tracking.

We’re an employee owned business – Social Value, Net Zero, corporate social responsibility and sustainability are baked into our approach.

Approximately half of our work is with the public sector, where the Social Value of contracts is a hefty portion of the procurement process. One core theme (of six) is Fighting climate change – effective stewardship of the environment.

Our Social Value policies are linked to our Net Zero commitment, which we’ve been developing and monitoring over the past three years. We published our first ever Social Value KPIs recently.

While Social Value is a framework for public sector procurement, its philosophy has the potential to help every business and every organisation.

In 2022, we banished single use plastics by investing in new equipment and processes.

Fighting climate change – achievements in 2022

In 2022, we banished single use plastics by investing in new equipment and processes. We now source 23.25% of our packaging from sustainable sources.

  • 25% sustainable packaging sources
  • 100% Intertek 2022 corporate management score for the environment
  • 143kg recycled vs landfill
  • 1 creation of a carbon reduction plan and progress report (to be repeated annually)
  • 70% waste to energy ratio (waste turned into energy vs waste to landfill or similar)
  • Awarded Gold sustainability medal – ranked by EcoVadis in the top 5% of businesses

Can Granby help with your Net Zero commitment?

Sustainability and Net Zero presented a significant cost to our business in the short term. However, our commitment actively helps our clients and partners with their commitments too.

For reference, you can download our Carbon Report 2022  (please save ink and paper by not printing it out).

If you’d like to talk over the ways we can help you deliver more sustainable projects – with the usual ‘added value’ and ‘high quality’ guarantees we’ve always given – please get in touch.

Photo by Matt Boitor on Unsplash

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