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Granby was ‘Highly Commended’ at the UK Packaging awards 2021!

Granby has been highly commended at the Uk Packaging awards

Granby was ‘Highly Commended’ at the UK Packaging awards 2021.

The UK Packaging Awards is the flagship event in the packaging industry, celebrating the very best projects, businesses, and individuals.

The packaging industry gathered to celebrate the winners of the UK Packaging Awards 2021 at their fantastic new venue, The Brewery on Chiswell Street, London on Friday 12 November.

Some of our team had the great pleasure of attending the event:

  • Victoria Pittman – Head of Client Services
  • Kelsey Hall – Client Relationship Manager
  • Elyse Catterall – Client Relationship Manager

Victoria said:

“It is such a great honour to receive a highly commended from the elite of our industry.  It demonstrates the incredible work that Granby achieves, the amazing clients that we have the pleasure of working with and the truly wonderful teams that we have in our business”

Just to list a few of our many achievements this year:

We have always taken great effort to be socially responsible and this year we had an additional audit This was carried out by Intertek on behalf of one of our biggest clients and we achieved the highest possible grade.

We have created two new warehouses allowing us further storage space and options to onboard more clients with more complex requirements and to expand our operations.

Shifted towards a seven-days-a-week schedule to amplify the success of the business even further. By hiring more staff, we have opened more opportunities for ourselves as well as our staff by being able to accommodate different working times.

Redeveloped our brand image – Our entire brand has been reshaped and has evolved over the last year with the redevelopment of our website. We decided that our communications needed to be clearer, so we worked on focusing our message to be more direct.

We improved SCOPe, our custom-built fulfilment system – we added self-serve reports to be able to get statistics instantly, so members of the team are always in the loop. We have also added Key performance indicators; these are benchmarks that we place against our self to ensure that we are offering the most value for money alongside exceptional services.

We are entirely grateful to our wide range of clients who put their trust in us by outsourcing all their requirements to both us and our dedicated range of partners. It is because of the good faith that our clients place in us that we can perform to the excellent level that we do, and that we have been able to grow over the past year. We look forward to working with them going forwards and we’re excited for what the new year has to offer!

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