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Granby feature in Packaging News on the Current Recruitment Crisis 

Five ways Granby are addressing the current recruitment crisis 

This month, Packaging News devotes its lead article to the recruitment crisis in the UK, focused naturally on the packaging industry. Granby have been doing their bit to address this issue for some time. 

“The current recruitment crisis poses a significant challenge for businesses across the UK and not just in 3PL. Granby Marketing is taking proactive steps to combat recruitment issues and create a positive workplace culture for all our employees”

Caroline Noblett, Director of People and Finance at Granby

Here we identify five things we are doing right now to tackle the recruitment crisis:

  1. Prioritising employee development: We believe that employee development is vital. By investing in employee development, we can improve retention rates and minimise the need for recruitment.
  2. Utilising our staff bank: Granby is fortunate to have our own staff bank that we can access for temporary production work. These employees are treated as our permanent staff members and are happy to return when work is available.
  3. Short and quick recruitment process: We plan for a speedy recruitment process to secure the very best candidates. This isn’t always possible of course. But, when we can manage to recruit quickly it does help ensure we do not lose out on the best qualified candidates.
  4. Custom training programs: We have invested in custom training programs tailored to our business needs and the needs of the individual. Our employees are trained on essential skills, but with a big focus on interpersonal skills. This is especially crucial in the packaging and logistics industry.
  5. Prioritising people over profit: Our strategic focus is on people over profit. As an employee-owned business since September 2022, we are totally invested in our team’s growth and development. This offers clarity around succession plans and delivers training opportunities to ensure a productive and supportive workplace environment.

People are the biggest expense to a business. And it should therefore be the priority that they are treated well, with training provided to hopefully minimise the need for recruitment.”  

Caroline Noblett, speaking in Packaging News, May 2023




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