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Coronation Wildflower Seeds for Schools Project

Girl in wildflower meadow Granby is proud to have played a major role in distributing wildflower seed packets to state funded primary schools across the UK working closely with DfE. This massive exercise was part of the government-funded Coronation project inspired by His Majesty The King’s love of nature.

Objectives of the Coronation Wildflower Project

(1) The project is centred on promoting biodiversity awareness amongst children.

(2) It aims to create more pleasant work and learning environments through green space improvements.

(3) The initiative promotes children’s health by encouraging outdoor activities and spending time in nature.

The Seed Packets

Each seed packet covers around 2 square metres of blue, white, purple, red, and yellow flowers. Seeds can be planted in pots, beds, or borders to boost colour and biodiversity in school grounds across the country.

How Granby Helped

Granby was responsible for completing the collation and distribution of the school orders. Seeds went out to all state-funded primary schools in the UK.

Victoria Pittman speaking on the final day of the project, said “The stock was received by Granby on May 10th, with the first despatches being sent out on May 11th and the last despatches on May 15th for delivery to all schools in time for May 17th – a remarkable three-day turnaround for deliveries to schools!”

A Case Study with fuller details of Granby involvement in the project can be read here.

Collaboration between the Department for Education and the Eden Project

This collaboration between the Department for Education and the Eden Project has resulted in more than 200,000 seed packets going to schools. When planted, this will represent 40 hectares of new wildflower areas. If these wildflowers were planted together, it would create around 40 rugby pitch-sized meadows.

As schools minister Nick Gibb said, “Giving children the opportunity to plant wildflowers will not only make school grounds more attractive, it will also help the next generation understand the importance of improving our biodiversity, while celebrating His Majesty The King’s love of nature.”

Helping Pollinators and Biodiversity

The packets of seeds contain many native annual wildflower species such as cornflower, corn chamomile, corn marigold, and night-flowering catchfly. If sown this spring, they will be in bloom this summer, providing food for a wide range of insects including bees, butterflies, and other pollinators in school grounds across the country.

Dan James, Development Director for the Eden Project, said “Through the work of National Wildflower Centre, Eden Project works with organisations across the UK with projects to make new wildflower habitats that support wildlife and connect people to the natural world. This is a fantastic opportunity for the next generation to see the impact that wildflowers can have, even in small spaces.”


Granby is delighted and proud to have played such a critical role in this programme. We do so knowing we have helped make a significant contribution to improving the biodiversity of the UK. Not only that, but we hope the project has a positive impact on the next generation’s education and wellbeing.


Photo by Beata Becla on Shutterstock

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