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7 Reasons Why Industry Awards Matter

The value of Industry Awards

At Granby, over the years, we are extremely fortunate enough to have won a number of industry awards and been nominated for many more. But what is their value and is it worth the time it takes to pull an entry together? Clearly, we think the answer is yes. And here are 7 key reasons why.  

  1. Recognition and credibility: We have seen first-hand how winning an industry award has helped enhance the reputation and credibility of our business. 
  2. Increased visibility: Industry awards are an opportunity for us to leverage media coverage and publicity, which can significantly help increase visibility. 
  3. Differentiation from competitors: Awards set a business apart from competitors. It certainly shows potential clients and partners that we have achieved a certain level of excellence and innovation.
  4. Employee morale and motivation: Recognition with an industry award can boost employee morale and motivation. It should help validate the hard work and dedication, of our teams and help foster a positive work environment.
  5. Networking opportunities: Industry awards ceremonies and events provide excellent networking opportunities. And opportunities to connect with other industry professionals, potential clients. But honestly, they are usually a good day or evening out, too!
  6. Benchmarking and learning: a hidden benefit but we think, an important one. The application process for industry awards often requires us to evaluate our own performance and achievements. This self-assessment has certainly helped us identify areas for improvement and to set benchmarks for future growth.
  7. Attracting top talent: Winning industry awards increase visibility and awareness in the employment arena. It highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation, hopefully making it an appealing place to work for skilled professionals.

Every day a school day

These are the key reasons we enter industry awards. A nomination is fantastic, a win even better. But even when we do not win, that can serve as a wake-up call for us to identify areas of improvement and then implement necessary changes. It helps motivate us to push our boundaries. What’s more, not winning an award can help foster a culture of continuous learning. We have said it before, and we’ll say it again. Every day a school day.  

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