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Granby nominated for 2 National GO Awards

GO Awards 2022/23 have recognised Granby for our outstanding efforts in the Digital Service Delivery 22/23 category. This is where we showcased how we supported the Government’s COVID-19 infection survey. We have also been recognised in the Social Value 22/23 (Private Sector) category. In this category we highlighted how our team helped the ONS deliver CENSUS 2021.

We look forward to the awards ceremony which will take place on 1st of June 2023 at the voco St John’s Solihull and we’re proud to be nominated for such distinguished awards.

Digital Service Delivery Award Nomination: ONS COVID-19 Infection Survey 

The project lead is a multinational healthcare data science company working on behalf of the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Early in 2020, the ONS moved quickly to start gathering infection data from across the UK with this partner.

Infection survey data informed the government’s response and its ability to plan resources. It was collected by field agents who swabbed participants in the survey on an ongoing weekly basis. Granby facilitated the collection of this data between May 2020 and  August 2022, through fulfilment of equipment and customer service support.

  • 30,000,000 items into Granby
  • 22,250,000 items ordered by agents
  • 10,000+ emailed handled
  • 18,000+ calls handled
  • 240,000+ kits collated at Granby
  • 255,000+ orders processed

Granby’s response to meet the complex needs of our large-scale, high-profile project has been pivotal to our success supporting the UK Government and UK population. Their experience and agility have permitted scalability in record times, and their innovation, technology and customer service have provided us with a fully transparent end-to-end solution for our programme.

Programme Director

Granby’s core responsibilities on the project were…

  • Ensuring each Study Worker had the resources they needed to complete their tasks. Around 20,000 agents were involved in the project.
  • Distributing millions of items. The kits were individually collated within our production facilities and prepared for despatch.
  • Establishing a customer support line for the 20,000 Study Workers, so they could contact us directly if they needed more equipment.
  • Stock that wasn’t used was re-collected by Granby.
  • Our agile capability allowed for the safe and efficient completion of a substantial project with particular risks
  • High value data was collected that UK government departments relied upon during and after the pandemic lockdown, between May 2020 and August 2022.

Digital Service Delivery Award Nomination: ONS Census 2021

The Census is a national project with substantial complexity and dependencies. The 2021 Census is the largest on record – 97% completed on time, with no items sent to landfill. Its success highlights the capabilities of efficient 3PL solutions.

It looked on paper like an impossibly complex task. Yet, it was successfully planned and carried out by Granby and the ONS.

The Census produces statistics that informs and underpins social and economic policy, local planning and decision-making – for example in healthcare, education and housing. It’s vital every person in the UK takes part so the resulting statistics are accurate.

Census 2021 was the largest on record. It’s a massive national project with complexity and dependencies. Its success highlights the capabilities of efficient 3PL solutions.

We couldn’t have conducted such a complex operation without a wide range of partners and would like to acknowledge the support given. We thank all our suppliers for helping to make Census 2021 a success.

Pete Benton, Director of Transformation at the Office for National Statistics

Granby’s responsibilities …

  • Our remit covered DespatchReplenishment and Collection in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (NISRA).
  • Granby ensured that all Field Force agents (Census Engagement Managers) had the resources they needed to complete the work from the start and throughout the Census period.
  • We supported over 20,000 field agents around the country, distributing 10s of thousands of items.
  • We collated kits individually within our facilities and prepared for despatch.
  • Afterwards, we collected resources and equipment for recycling and redistribution.


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