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‘Brands are full steam ahead!’: co-pack in a recession

close up of packing staff in factoryWe’re always keen to share our expertise and perspective on any of our services – from the value 3PL can add, right through to the benefits of a standalone customer service contract.

Last month, we made an editorial contribution to a feature in The Contract Packer magazine (p42, September 2022 issue).  The topic was co-packers’ position as ‘key partners for big brands’. We were invited to explain what we think this relationship will look like in the coming months, through the filter of recession and other threats to the economy.

In the feature, Victoria Pittman, our Head of Client Services/Business Development, highlighted the value of personalisation, subscriptions and attractive, reusable packaging. She actually covered a lot of ground!

1. More appetite for outsourcing contract packing

She noted that our clients have shown interest in outsourcing, as the challenges around the packaging supply chain and fuel costs have helped them appreciate the true cost and value of contract packing and 3PL.

“Granby has always managed costs well and securing contracts with all of our supply chain partners through robust and comprehensive supplier selection processes has helped,” said Victoria.

“We always have sustainability at the heart of what we do, being ISO 14001 accredited we are experts who lead by example, educate our clients and support in finding solutions that work for them.”

2. Packaging design needs to evolve too

Victoria explained that, as demand for packaging sustainability grew, other challenges were emerging:

“Some clients haven’t quite got packaging right yet, particularly with fitments. Historically, for seasonal gifts, these fitmets have been vac forms and now with a switch to card fitmets, the design may not be as expected.

“This can greatly impact on operational time. Fitments can be over engineered and far more complex than they need to be. We would love for clients to be engaging us more at the [packaging] design stage.”

3. Meeting customers’ needs

“With consumers being more demanding than ever, time poor and wanting ease and convenience, subscriptions are a great opportunity for the market.

“Personalisation is also a great market opportunity, especially as personalised gifts can provide consumer engagement all year round.

“Reusable packaging as opposed to recyclable packaging is another. This gives a client a great opportunity to have their brand on display in consumer homes for much longer periods of time and is equally a great sustainability message.”

Victoria’s takeaways

“Clients are running at a fast pace and we as an industry need to ensure that we are part of the fast-paced journey.

“There is a recession and consumers are looking at costs over brand loyalty more, but brands have to try harder to engage and we need to get on board as quickly as possible. Brands are full steam ahead.”

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