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Why you need a print management partner


Studies have shown that printing is one of the most significant expenses for any company – businesses often spend as much as 3% of their annual revenue on printing costs alone! Even though print materials are a requirement, especially for marketing initiatives, they don’t have to eat into your revenues. One of the best ways to effectively drive down your printing costs is to hire a print management partner. With many benefits to offer your company, here’s why you need a print management partner:

Reduced labour costs

In most companies, employees spend a considerable amount of time looking for a working printer. Office managers also spend a lot of their time managing the print and copier fleet as part of their role. This leads to a lot of time wastage. A print management company will cater to all these needs and make sure that all your printing requirements are met. This frees up your employees’ time to focus on core business activities.

Reduced printing costs

When ordering toners and printing materials as a single company, you are likely paying a higher price since you order fewer items at once. A print management partner, on the other hand, caters to many companies, thus they will be able to negotiate a lower price on printing materials since they are buying in bulk. These reduced costs will, in turn, be passed down to the client, making printing cheaper. Print management companies also have the capital to invest in the latest print technology, so you’ll be able to place your orders online with the guarantee that your print jobs will be delivered on time and at a cheaper cost.


Print management companies can provide you with innovative and creative printing solutions because they keep up with the latest industry trends. They then pass on any developments and useful information to you.


Print management companies have to be accountable to you as a client. You can justify the need to outsource your printing requirements to them by assessing how they have saved you money using metrics like Key Performance Indicators and the Service Level Agreement.

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