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When it comes to marketing logistics, investment is not a cost

Fulfilment is all about completing orders successfully, but this becomes more difficult as the business grows. This is because of the increasing number of orders places more demands on space, time and manpower. That means spending more money, but to consider fulfilment a cost is a mistake. Fulfilment should be an investment.

It’s about customer satisfaction

Getting orders out on time, delivered in good condition, accurate delivery of goods and honouring the promises you’ve made in your promotion — these will all have an impact on customer satisfaction. Mess up on these and you could lose a customer because you won their confidence with their campaign but let them down with the execution. They’ll feel cheated because, essentially, they thought you could solve their problem — and you haven’t.

It’s about preserving your brand reputation

If you don’t invest adequately in your logistics and fail repeatedly — or even just once— to deliver on your promises, you can destroy that most precious of business assets: your brand reputation. An angry customer can plaster bad reviews all over social media and other parts of the internet in a heartbeat and then you’ve got a PR clean up job on your hands. A happy customer, on the other hand, will start to become a brand advocate, speak positively of it and attract more customers for you.

It’s about increasing long-term profitability

Investing in your logistics and getting your team involved at the start of a campaign can help things to run much more efficiently. They can advise you on any logistical aspects that could disrupt the smooth execution of the campaign, which would allow you to find a solution before you run the campaign rather than force to think on your feet during it. Fighting constant logistical fires throughout a campaign will eat at your profitability as well as the effectiveness of the campaign.

It’s much better to think of your marketing logistics as an investment. Addressing your logistics from this perspective is a more positive approach that will benefit campaigns and your business, whereas viewing them as a cost will encourage you to implement measures that could harm them.

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