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The benefits you can’t ignore from Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail is a digital alternative to in-house printing. It’s fast, efficient, and more cost-effective than using regular postal delivery. You don’t even need to leave your desk!

How it works

With just a few clicks, you can get documents straight from your computer to your customer’s mailbox without the need to worry about printing, paperwork, stamps or envelopes. Just sign-in to your online Hybrid Mail account and upload that spreadsheet or invoice you wish to send. Next, choose precisely how you want your mail to be printed (e.g., black or colour print), then select the destination, and click if you need standard or express delivery. Your document will then be professionally produced at the nearest print centre in the network and quickly delivered to its destination.

Key benefits

• Low Cost – Hybrid Mail not only frees up your time by taking care of all your printing needs, but since their service bulk posts thousands of items each day, they can often pass along their lower costs and savings. Some documents may even cost you less to send than a second class stamp!

• Safe – online databases are encrypted to the highest industry standards, meaning your details and customer data will always be secure and protected from theft.

• Easy to use – no installation required. A username, password and internet connection are all that is needed to upload documents directly from your desktop and start sending out mail within minutes. Businesses can store document templates online, check addresses against automatic postcode validation, set department spending caps, design custom signatures and archive documents for future reference.

How can a print management company help?

Many UK businesses don’t know their actual print costs, or whether they are over-stocking and over-ordering print items. A print management company can help by outsourcing the procurement, storage, stock control and distribution of printed material. They will carry out an audit of all printed items used by your business, understand the paper flow of orders, review the supplier base and explain how to implement digital solutions such as Hybrid Mail to achieve improved cost/time savings.

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