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The benefits of CRM mailbox and phone line integration


We’ve recently released an enhancement to our fulfilment system, SCOPe. Specifically aimed at Customer Service, it integrates the phone line and the mailbox like a fully-fledged CRM.

SCOPe’s parity with the abilities of popular mid-market CRMs has propelled us ahead of the curve. This kind of functionality isn’t common in the 3PL sector.  Here’s what it means.


SCOPe has always had a phone line and mailbox option but it wasn’t fully integrated. Bringing them in gives clients a much smoother service with a wide range of benefits.

  • Provide swift and personalised responses
  • Gather and analyse deeper business intelligence
  • Build satisfaction, loyalty and brand equity
  • Encourage customer reassurance and engagement

Features of a CRM that supports 3PL and promotional marketing

  • Tracks reasons why people are calling
  • Synchronises data across multiple channels
  • Streamlines customer journey
  • Provides clear brand identification
  • Automated SLAs (with bespoke fields on request)
  • We know if we’ve resolved it
  • Insight from fulfilment activity data across multiple channels
  • Bespoke configuration

Mailbox and phone line integration is a given in large scale call centres. On the other hand, 3PL fulfilment systems tend to be weaker on this functionality, often because customer service has been deprioritised.

At Granby, we believe in the power of customer service and that it will become even more important in the future. This is us, laying the groundwork now.

Bespoke configuration

We invest thousands in SCOPe, which is like a CRM and an ERP in one. Its core modules are a warehouse management system, inventory management and 3PL process automation, plus additional elements like the mailbox and phone line integration.

Ongoing development of SCOPe offers clients innovative functionality that’s not available anywhere else in our sector. It’s the kind you get in a standalone call centre – yet it’s integrated into an end-to-end fulfilment process.

It’s worth pointing out that SCOPe is configurable – we can accommodate specific requests to improve the way it works for each individual client, including adding custom fields, autoresponders and so on.

What next?

We think of this upgrading and enhancing as Phase A of a fully integrated approach. It’s so recent that we’re currently migrating our clients onto it!

In Phase B, we will again listen to clients to see what we can add to supercharge our 3PL fulfilment activities. We’ll analyse live activities and explore the potential of best-in-breed features.

Need more info about the new integrations?

We’re happy to talk you through our 3PL fulfilment system’s capabilities, including the new integrated phone line and mailbox. Get in touch to arrange a demo.

Photo by Brian Lundquist on Unsplash

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