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Six things your warehouse partner should provide


A reliable warehouse partner is more than a place to simply store your goods and move them on, it’s about providing you with a full and professional all-encompassing warehousing and distribution solution – relieving you of a time-consuming burden so you can concentrate on running your business. Below are just a handful of best practice procedures you should expect from your warehouse partner – and what you’ll certainly benefit from with us:

1. Flexible and scalable operations

In business, things change all the time. And because of this, a warehouse partner needs to be flexible to your ever-changing needs. If you need more storage space or an increase in distribution, then your warehouse partner needs to understand this and have the capacity to scale up as your business grows – reacting fast so you can fulfil orders and carry on providing a world-class service to your customers.

2. Quality stock control

When your stock is stored elsewhere, it’s hard to keep track of exactly how much you have left. A reliable warehouse partner will be able to answer this question for you, so you can relax in the knowledge you’ll never be caught short of products and that your customers will always receive their order when it’s promised to them.

3. Full traceability

There’s nothing more frustrating than an unhappy customer – especially when you can’t tell them where their order is and when it will arrive. But with a reliable warehouse partner, they’ll have all this covered for you by offering full traceability on all your stock. They’ll be able to tell you where your stock is, when it was sent and when it’ll be delivered.

4. Accreditations

Anyone you trust with your stock should have been recognised by an industry regulatory body for their work. It means their service is of the highest standards and you can fully rely on them to provide a professional warehousing solution that’ll never let you down. For you, it’s peace of mind that your business will never come to a standstill because of poor service from your warehouse partner.

5. Intelligent warehousing management system

From the moment a warehouse partner receives your goods through to storage and dispatch, an intelligent warehousing management system is imperative to the day-to-day running of an efficient and reliable warehouse operation. By providing the warehouse with full real-time transparency on all its operations, it ensures you benefit from a streamlined service with no errors.

6. Real-time reporting

A necessity for any warehouse partner, real-time reporting provides you with a full set of reports when you need them. Whether you need a report on a particular item or your full inventory, a reliable warehouse partner will be able to provide you with live raw data any time of the day – ensuring the information you need on your warehousing and fulfilment operation is always at your fingertips.

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