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Print Management vs Managed Print


Almost all businesses print, from letters to business cards and POS (Point of Sale) to large format, printed materials are a necessary part of both the day-to-day life of any organisation and its marketing. Printing is also often one of the most expensive things a business does. Both print management and managed print are ways of streamlining the printing process and saving money. But what are they, and what is the difference?

Managed Print

Managed Print services are concerned with the day-to-day printing requirements of medium to large organisations. Many companies have multiple printers and photocopiers, controlled by different people in different departments. Often, spares and consumables are ordered separately, and nobody really knows the true cost of all the day-to-day printing that goes on.

Managed Print aims to change this by doing two things:

  1. using software to manage and control printing and copying, ensuring that a record is kept of who prints what, and making sure that printing and copying only happen when they are genuinely needed;
  2. and centralising contracts for the supply, maintenance, and servicing of printers, copiers, and consumables, keeping down the costs.

For organisations that produce a large number of printed materials in-house – eg. law firms printing letters to clients or schools printing worksheets and copying resources – managed print can be of great value.

Print Management

Print Management is concerned with the other end of the spectrum: when an organisation needs to outsource more specialist printing or larger orders. Letterheads, business cards, point of sale materials, and the school prospectus are all examples of the kind of product where Print Management can help.

A Print Management company will work with you to understand your needs, before procuring the print that you require with the best value for money possible. Economies of scale, and specialist knowledge of the print industry, mean that Print Management providers can obtain the best possible prices, and access new and innovative solutions before they are available to a wider market.

Most importantly, they are specialists in print; and using them frees up your team to concentrate on what they do best – running your business – saving you valuable time and resources, as well as money.

For many organisations, print management services are what you need!

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