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Cost vs Value: Why Granby is worth every penny


A recent article by the Royal Mint explained ‘Why pay £10 for a 50p coin?’ and got us thinking about the difference of cost vs. value.

On the face of it, a coin is a coin. Why should you pay more just because is has a pretty picture? How can a 50p coin be worth 20 times its value?

Some people may just see a coin, but it’s so much more! Consider the extra incurred costs for artwork design, additional finishing processes and craftmanship, superior packaging, quality checks, materials or a limited production run.

When you consider this, it suddenly becomes clear. It’s not the same as all the other 50p coins out there. That’s why its valued and desirable to collectors, that’s why it’s special.

Granby is much the same. At first glance, we may appear like other fulfilment housescontract packerswarehouses or marketing logistics companies. But take a closer look and you’ll find much more…

We’re a full service, experienced partner for your business. We’re problem solvers, brand ambassadors and defenders. We provide agile, flexible and dynamic solutions to produce results for our clients.

Every single order is picked, packed, collated and quality checked by human hand. Don’t misunderstand us, we’re not afraid of technology! We fully understand and harness the power and possibilities of the data-driven digital world. In fact, our award-winning digital services enhance the solutions we provide. Our systems are smart and continually evolving. But our clients know that their orders are packaged with love — not robots or faceless machinery. They value our knowledge, attention to detail, efficient project management and full solutions services.

This is why we’ve maintained long-standing relationships with UK’s leading brands, why they put their trust in us. And that’s why our clients are happy to perhaps pay a little more. Because, to them, our expertise and reliability is simply priceless!

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