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Why receipt validation can be just the ticket for brands


In the digital age, brand and retailer loyalty programme members have demanded an overhaul to these schemes. Many of the high-profile ones, from Waitrose to Coca-Cola, have recently rung the changes. Even Tesco Clubcard, once the pinnacle of points-based promotions and discounts, opted to axe scores of brands from its partner programme in 2018.

Today’s consumers want rewards to be just that – a tangible return for their loyalty. After all, Granby’s consumer research has found two-thirds (66%) of shoppers view brands more favourably if they offer promotions and rewards. And they want them more or less straight away.

Additionally, 56% claim promotions make them ditch one brand for another. So, what are the keys to success in an era when e-commerce is catching up with retail’s market share?

A shot at redemption

We know promotions can be extremely successful for boosting sales, but the best starting point isn’t always clear. A good place to begin is understanding the difference that connecting the physical and digital worlds can make. It sounds like the Holy Grail of promotions – but it can be done. What’s more, it’s an essential blend that can drive new loyalty.

The consumers we polled were certainly keen. Firstly, 61% of consumers would be more likely to buy a product if they received a digital reward they could redeem. Secondly, 65% would be compelled to make a purchase if the reward was instantly redeemable, resulting in a physical gift being dispatched within a day.

And, thirdly, more than half (53%) stated the ability to upload a till receipt to claim a promotional offer would incentivise them to participate. Enter SwiftReceipt – a great way to power promotions from concept stages to concrete rewards.

Why consumers will check out your promotion

SwiftReceipt is a digital receipt validation service that uses OCR technology to turn transactions into validated redemptions instantly.

Once the customer is handed their till receipt, they can upload a photo of it to a mobile-optimised, branded microsite for validation. Some rewards can be delivered instantly, such as cinema e-tickets. Most physical gifts can potentially be with the customer within 24 hours.

Convenience is a crucial factor: 51% of consumers are motivated to claim a promotion if it is hassle-free and easy to claim.

The technology is compliant with ISO 27001 and GDPR, and offers access to full campaign analytics and reporting, which will also help brands accurately and compliantly grow databases and track ROI.

SwiftReceipt offers both an out-of-the-box solution for single-purchase reward claims, getting campaigns off the ground quickly, and bespoke solutions for more complex needs, such as multi-brand, multi-buy or threshold-spend solutions.

It’s a win-win for the consumer and the brand. The combination of convenience, instant rewards, and the slick symmetry of the online and offline worlds it produces, is a powerful promotional opportunity to rebuild loyalty at a time when brands and retailers alike are struggling to find the golden ticket.

To read our full research report, Winning retail strategies for the digital age, email Suzanne Kay, Director of Client Development, Granby

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