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Promotions aren’t dead

Promotions are a strong method for meeting your business’ goals, whether you’re looking to reach a different audience, boost a certain aspect or introduce a new product.

But remember, promotions don’t have to be coupons in the newspaper! They can be online and highly targeted by using modern techniques and promotional marketing. Let’s take a look at some examples to help inspire your next promotional campaign.

Loyalty programmes

Turn new customers into repeat clients and build brand loyalty with this technique! Clients and customers won’t turn down a free one-off product or service, and you’ll benefit from them coming back to you in the future and spending money. Loyalty programmes can include physical cards or digital apps. Cafes and coffee shops use these to get customers coming back, whether to an independent store, or different branches of a chain – and they often offer a free coffee as a reward!

Targeted discounts

Student discounts can also encourage a new demographic to buy or visit. They’re used by a lot of fast food and casual dining restaurants to fill busier times and encourage sales. Why not create a promotional microsite with the help of a handling house to provide this important information to customers? They’re cheaper than larger websites and can be used temporarily or permanently for different promotions too.

Competitions and prize draws

Competitions and prize draws are also a great way to get target audiences interested in your products and brand. One way to do this is with digital receipt validation. Customers simply upload a picture of their receipt to enter into a prize draw or competition.

Granby: what we can offer you

We have 50 years of expert promotional marketing experience to help you achieve your goals and make the most of your budget. Whether you’re a brand or an agency, a small business, or a global company, promotional marketing can boost your profits in the long term and meet your business goals.

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