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Print and promotional marketing trends in 2022

Sustainable printPrint technology has created brilliant opportunities for our clients to create beautiful promotional marketing assets that are more environmentally-friendly than they’ve ever been.

One of our print partners, B&D Print Services, has shared how they’ve embraced best practice and innovation in the very materials and processes used. Bear these in mind as you’re planning your 2022 campaigns!

Environmentally-friendly print for 2022

1. Materials

Always ensure your print partner is purchasing materials and resources through renewable sources.

Plant-based inks

Inks have come a long way and forward-thinking printers have been using vegetable inks for a while. At B&D, they’ve also introduced a wider range of special print effects that help to bring any marketing asset to life:

  • An innovative high gloss laminate, which is also vegetable-based.
  • COVID-19 anti-viral coating, which is also vegetable-based.
  • Spot UV, now also vegetable-based. In the past, clients wanting to be environmentally responsible have avoided spot UV because of its chemical components. It’s a nice touch that brings elements out of the design.

Special effects

If your packaging, leaflet or brochure looks particularly beautiful, it’s more likely to be kept for longer and it will be truly valued as a high end product in its own right. B&D can undertake:

  • Glitter spot UV
  • Foil in multiple colours
  • Holograms

These kinds of effects are used across marketing assets as well as for certificates, stamps and other similar items. Security and confidentiality is a given.

FSC Certified paper

One great thing about FSC certification is that its credentials can be leveraged in promotional marketing – our clients can use the relevant FSC logo on printed matter to show their commitment.

All B&D paper stock is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council in one of three categories:

  • FSC 100% – from forests managed according to FSC’s rigorous social and environmental standards
  • FSC Recycled- verified as being made from 100% recycled content
  • FSC Mix – mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled, and/or FSC controlled wood

There’s a cost for printers utilising FSC certification that has to be passed on. However, with a customer trend towards sustainable brand behaviours, businesses tend to be on board with this.

2. Processes

UV drying

LED UV drying process is a recent innovation for all printed assets, from direct mail and personalised certificates, to brochures.

  • Ultraviolet light (UV) keeps edges sharper for a pristine look
  • An instant drying process – no need to use chemicals to finish or seal
  • Uses much less power than traditional print-drying technology

Digital printing and POD

Promotional marketing budgets have leaned towards efficiency by doing longer runs to bring down the unit cost. This often created waste, and could be problematic for cash flow and the logistics of having to store assets until they were used up.

Digital printing means:

  • Only print what you need
  • Only print when you need it
  • No need for printing plates
  • No ink or paper waste
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Easy personalisation
  • Great for direct mail, gifts and, well, everything actually!

Print in 2022 – our predictions

  1. Digital – direct mail is particularly enjoying a resurgence
  2. Meeting the requirements of social value for public sector procurement
  3. Meeting the requirements of corporate social responsibility for private business

Print management

Granby is a print management specialist, working with you and our print partner to achieve the best possible results.

If you have an idea for a promotional marketing campaign that involves print of any kind, get in touch – let’s talk it over.

Image shows a range of joint print projects by Granby and B&D Print Supplies. Our thanks to Alan Ferguson, Sales Director at B&D Print Supplies, for sharing his expertise.

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