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National Biscuit Day

Yesterday, May 29th marked National Biscuit Day here in the UK. But that was a Bank Holiday. So, we at Granby decided that we’d push on into Tuesday as we celebrate the humble and not so humble biscuit.  

Biscuits have been a staple of our culture for centuries, making their way into households, workplaces, and afternoon tea rituals.  

Simple is best

Here you can see how we’re doing our bit to support National Biscuit Day. Not everything needs to be a massive production number.

Yes, tea and biscuits is a tough job but somebody has to do it!

Harvey Nichols – Luxury Biscuits and Specialist Packing

Of course, here at Granby we have an extra special reason to celebrate the biscuit.   

Just some of the luxury Harvey Nichols biscuits requiring specialist labelling and packing by Granby

We are proud to work with Harvey Nichols on the packaging of their luxury biscuits. Our job is to repackage their luxury biscuits in beautifully designed packaging. The nature of the product means this needs our highly skilled teams to hand-finish the packaging and labelling with absolute precision and attention to detail. And to do so at a really quick rate before sending them out throughout the country.  

Read more about our specialist packing services  

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