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Granby recently held their annual communications day with their team!

After almost 2 years of remote working and social distancing, it was great for us to finally host our annual communications day in person within our offices.

Due to health & safety restrictions, we took a great deal of extra precautions to ensure the safety of each of our colleagues.

The communications day is an annual get-together for all the team members to celebrate their achievements and reflect on the year that has passed. It’s a time where each person can see the great strides which have been made across each department and see where the business is heading and how it has evolved over the previous year.

It’s important to keep this sort of transparency across the organisation so we can always be on the exact same page and be able to maintain the streamlined and agile approach we are so renowned for. By having this time to reflect as a team, each colleague feels equally as vital to the operation. Each member can identify where they have benefited the customer experience and how they have contributed which is fantastic for morale, but they also see where things could have been even better.

Having sessions like these are integral to the spirit of Granby which is complete brand fulfilment. For us to be number one, we need to see what our clients thought about our services throughout the year so we can adjust to any feedback we receive and share this with our dedicated team. We collect feedback from our clients throughout the year and use this time to share with the team what our clients loved and would like to see different.

We also use this presentation to present our Granby Academy graduates – we’re always so proud of the team and how they are using our resources to further develop their own skills, so we love presenting them with rewards and their qualifications in front of their peers.

We also take the time to appreciate team members who have reached a specific milestone within their careers at Granby, gifting them for their continued service and support.

We love taking a look back at all our star performers through the year as it feels good to be recognised for your achievements.

And finally, we cheer for the employee of the year which is an incredible reward to be recognised for.

The whole event was a great success, and it was fantastic to be able to experience having everyone in the office at the same time again.

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