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Granby Chairman finally resigns after 22 years with the company!


Granby is happy to announce that Stephen Bentley (our chairman) has decided to resign from his role and finally retire!

Stephen has been with the company for over 22 years and has seen the vast changes and developments which have taken place ever since he started. He has been a monumental figure in the history of the business and a catalyst for change throughout the business putting a significant emphasis on the power of technology to streamline the customer experience.

In 2000, we were clearly keen to grow the business into new areas that didn’t quite fit within the Omnicon Group. Stephen Bentley, then Chief Executive, purchased Granby Marketing from Omnicon, freeing us to grow into our full potential as a respected promotional marketing business.

We were offering a wider range of fulfilment solutions, but predominantly focused on the marketing services promotions sector. To support the delivery of these services, in 2002 we began to develop our own bespoke fulfilment technology, SCOPe, which would manage, track and report in a way that had never been done before – and still isn’t equalled, to this day.

Stephen took his place on the board as Chairman after a management buyout in 2013 by Managing Director Joanne Kimber. The team dropped the ‘Marketing’ part of the name: we realised we had become much more.

It has been fantastic for the business to have had Stephen as a lead figure; he has been a great mentor and inspiration to the staff and has guided our current managing director into her role using his many years of expertise.

As a business, we will definitely miss him however we are equally delighted for him to be focusing on his family, and I know you will join me in wishing him a long & happy retirement.

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